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world Tree

In the myths of almost all nations on earth, we find the image of the cosmic tree, whose trunk as the center of the world bears the sky. He connects the different worlds: heaven, earth and underworld. You could say that det symbol of the tree the most fundamental and oldest oersymbool greatest of mankind.

The tree also has the function of the heavenly ladder making it possible for the shaman, moving from one level of reality to another State. In nature religions of shamanism are the images of the symbol tree differently. There were people who believed that there are three global trees could exist: one in heaven, one earth and one in the underworld. There was also the idea that shamans from the tree would grow new branches and that the souls of unborn children in bird form would accommodate.

The shaman climbing the world tree in a ritual during its initiation phase. When his apprenticeship finished, he climbs into the sky. The tree has, depending on the amount heavens, often seven or nine branches. These are inhabited by spiritual beings and gods. The highest god lives in the highest heaven.

For his way to heaven or the underworld, the shaman need a drum. It's a kind of vehicle to other realms of reality. He manufactures a birch drum often. This transforms the phallic symbol (the male branch) into a symbol Yoni (female drum).

The drumming becomes the shaman in trance and in this state goes on a journey through different levels of creation. The drum gives the energy as he has his way in a number of temptations.

the Ashvatthaboom

Ashvattha the tree (ficus religiosa), the Indian symbol of the cosmic or Life. It is revered as a sacred fig tree is immortal because its branches reaching deep into the earth and that, united with the earth, growing new trees grow.

In the Bhagavad-Gita (holy book) describes in his incarnation as Krishna Mahavishnoe Ashvattha the tree as follows:

The High God said:

The imperishable Ashvattha fig tree, whose leaves are the Vedic hymns, has its roots above and branches below. Anyone who knows him, who knows the Vedas, that is omniscient. "

This tree is identical with the whole creation.

But there are other trees that are revered as sacred in India, eg The Kadamboom, the Jambuboom and the Banyan tree.

The World Tree as a pillar of the world

In Greek mythology speaks of the tree of life by the divine nymphs, the Hesperides with the hundred-headed dragon Ladon guarded. He wears golden apples, which Gea, goddess of the earth, as a wedding gift for his wife Hera and Zeus would grow there.
The beautiful youth Adonis was divine from the trunk of a tree born.
Famous are the Holy Olm of Ephesos and the sacred trees in the various temple sites grew and were worshiped, for example, the olive tree on the Acropolis, the palm tree on Delos and the willow on Samos. In the Sanctuary of the Holy Aesculapus to Cos was cypress. Pindar (500 BC) reported on the sacred olive tree with a golden knife erekransen were cut.
It is known that kings were crowned sacred trees.
Rome also had trees that were worshiped. Among them were often set up altars. The sacred fig tree of Romulus was up to the time of the Empire honored. On the slopes of the Palatine became a cornus, one of the most important sanctuaries of ancient Rome. The writer Pliny says that trees are the first temples of the divine beings.
Ficus religiosa moerbeivijg

In ancient Egypt people worshiped a number of sacred trees, eg Ishedboom the Acacia and the Nile. Particular significance was the Holy Sykomoor, a fig tree. It is the tree that the kingdom of death, but the gods of heaven represents. The sky goddess Nut to the deceased appeared in the form of a tree to bring them into the realm of the dead with food and drink welcome.
Phrygian god Attis was the one at the revered and the Iranian tradition, the gaokerana the tree of life. When they ate the fruit, it remained forever young.

For the Sumerians, the celestial tree already more than 5000 years honored. In the song of Eridu, he was honored in a special way. His white roots reached deep into the earth. He grew up the center of the world, served as his praise for Zikum couch, Mother. No man ever has the heart of the Holy House of the mighty Mother, that spreads its shade like a forest, enter.

In the Egypt of Faraon, where trees were rare, the gods enthroned on high in the east, Sycamore St.. Opposite, in the west, on the border of the desert, attended the "Lady of the Sycamore, the divine cow Hathor that the world has created. In an old picture she transcends the foliage of a tree to greet the newly deceased. With hot water and bread they welcome them. On the branches of the Sycamore are the souls of the deceased in the form of birds. Through the sacred tree times the spirits back into the womb of the divine world.

Tree Worship in Northwest Europe
The religious worship of trees was especially important for the Germans and the Celts. Oak, ash, linden, beech, hawthorn and elder White had a special significance.
At the beginning of our era most of Europe covered with virgin forests. For the people who lived then, had experiences in the forest and the foundation of their existence. They stood in a symbiotic relationship with forests. Trees were creatures like humans and animals. Individual trees had names, we talked to them and begged the spirit of the tree for forgiveness, when it was necessary to fell him. A tree was felled unnecessarily threatened the death penalty. According to a German law that someone had the wound inflicted by a living tree, peeling the bark with the entrails of the perpetrator "connected" to.
Latvians who used their most sacred oak grove standing in as oracle. It is even known that trees had married each other.
Altars was known to the Germans do not. On the sacrificial stone were brought offerings to the gods. These were invisible during the ceremony on the branches of sacred trees, stones or sources. Sacrificed were often the heads of horses. The rest of the horse was in the forest hanging branches.

Trees in the present
Today, respect and admiration for trees as living beings is largely lost. Forests are widely harvested for construction, furniture, paper, wood and especially a lot of money with it, without any new trees planted. Fortunately there are some reforestation projects in the world, but not nearly enough to replace the felled trees. We must look after our trees in the woods, in parks, gardens and cities, because without trees, giving us the necessary oxygen supply, we can not live. Trees can also shade besides comfort and relaxation. The World Tree is still there for those open to his language and his character.

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