Friday, August 19, 2011

Communicating with trees

Tree is different than communicating with people. I can talk to a tree, but he does not talk back, at least not with words. It does affect my feelings, my mood. Trees are filled with energy beings who radiate energy and I can feel it. It is very common and not secretive. I could ask something to a tree, and suddenly hear an answer myself. Whether the tree or of myself is, I do not really important. In any case, the tree helped me, to find an answer.
When I deeply mourned the loss of my child, I often hugged the trunk of a spruce, fir because I had read that draw energy from the cosmos. Whether this is true or not, it helped me to the terrible pain anymore so intense feeling.
A flowering chestnut tree is medicine for my soul. The strength of an old oak tree stimulates my own strength. The mobility of a birch brings my thoughts in motion.
The disease affected by the drought star apple tree, we have a cure mosaftreksel and sending energy and prayers, me with its many red apples during the winter healthy.
When you meditate You'll love it when a tree to your own choice. You will certainly come to rest, maybe even comforting clarity of mind or experience.

Communication between trees
There are a number of books written about communication between plants and plants and people on the other hand. Which I read with interest. But when I write about them, I just about my own experiences.
One of them is worth mentioning. old weeping beech
Some distance away in our street were once in February, three large gray poplars felled. In the next growing season, the table in our front yard, striking many roots developed lots, everywhere between the pavement stones emerged. Now this is a normal phenomenon in poplars, but not to that extent. I had just read something about the communication between the trees that pass signals to each other when threatened. In the case of poplars, I had the impression that our trees, the loss of their peers would be compensated by extra from their roots to grow new trees.
Some people have to communicate with trees, I said very sensible things, eg the following:
"I've noticed that if I want to talk to a tree, I need to stand close to him and keep silent. Then joins the world around us. We exclude unwanted noise such as traffic and hear all the rustling of the leaves, maybe crickets and bird song. And coming to the united call our minds. "

When asked why people would want to communicate with trees, said Maja Kooistra, a Dutch tree expert, in an interview:
"Trees are ancient creatures. They live for at least four hundred million years on Earth. They are great communicators. I think it's because they can not walk. But it is not like she specifically seek contact with people. They also communicate with animals and other living creatures. "

Dusty Miller, a shaman English, said:
"Did you know that trees are actually on their heads? Or maybe you eat with your feet?
Therefore the consciousness of some trees also aware of the early roots. If you want to talk to a tree, you'd better do it from the roots to the crown. Some trees invite you to this through their roots above the ground to show or their branches hang down.
Trees are also group of beings. When you talk to a tree, you actually talk to all the trees in the area.
It's a cool effect when people can create or receive answers to their questions on contact with trees. Actually everyone would be if he / she would be open.

Indian chieftain Tatanga Mani had this to say:
"Did you know that trees talk? Yes, they talk.
They talk to each other and they talk to you, if you listen.
But most white people do not listen.
They have never bothered to listen to Indians
and I fear that the other voices of nature will not hear.
I myself have learned a lot from trees: sometimes something about the weather, sometimes something about animals
and sometimes something about the Great Spirit. "

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