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Mistletoe magic

The relationship between mistletoe and a tree is special. While the tree appears dead, bears the mistletoe light, golden green leaves and then - in November and December - the mature round, white, translucent berries. It seems that the life of the tree in this plant has retired.
For the Druids, as the Celts called their wise men, was nothing more sacred than the mistletoe, especially if he grew an oak. They believed that everything on an oak tree grew, from heaven as a divine sign. They knew that the seeds of the mistletoe by the droppings of birds in the bark of trees ended and that was a gift from God.
According to Le Roux and Celts experts Guyonvarch the word druid very learned, very wise, but there would also be a link with the name for wood and tree (drus Greek for oak). According to others, the word Druid wisdom of the tree.

Mistletoe rite
Mistletoe growing on oak infrequently, but when one had discovered, he was picked in a ritual manner. This happened on the sixth day of the moon, because then its greatest power.
After all the preparations for a feast under the oak tree, the mistletoe as a panacea (universal product) and were greeted two white bulls brought to the sacrificial spot. A priest dressed in white climbed the tree, cut the mistletoe with a golden sickle and threw him down where he was captured a white cloth. Then the two bulls were sacrificed, was prayed, and thanked dancing.
The Celts believed that mistletoe berry drink made from leaves and one way would be to promote the fertility of animals.
The effect would be further increased when the mistletoe came in contact not with iron and not touching the earth, as both were the magical powers of the plant destroy.
Druid with golden sickle

Healing Mistletoe
The oak mistletoe was seen as a cure for epilepsy. When women wore a twig with it, it promoted an easy childbirth. Ulcers healed best when the patient is on a mistletoe leaf and chewed half sheet placed on the wound.
The above information on the meaning of the mistletoe to the Celts was described by the Roman botanist Pliny the Elder in his Natural History, where about plant medicines.
Until the 18th century, the mistletoe in the English and Dutch medical books described as a remedy for epilepsy.
Modern Phytotherapy (plant gene engineering) writes mistletoe preparations as a means to eliminate stress, blood vessels widen to create, strengthen the heart against certain cancers and tumors. The plant, the growth of cancer cells inhibit or even destroy.

In Germanic mythology of mistletoe takes about a great drama. Loki, the mischief-maker among the Germanic gods, tore a mistletoe and threw it at Balder, god of light and beauty. The mistletoe pierced him, so he fell over dead. This was seen as the greatest misfortune that came about gods and humans.
The reason why mistletoe Balder took away life, because he himself was ripped from the world tree. This gross act is a symbol for something that healing could work, but a disrespectful intervention in the opposite wrong. Fortunately, in the mythology well. Freya, the mother goddess, manages, to her son's life to bring back. The joy tears that she wept on his return, turned into white berries on the mistletoe and kissed everyone who walked under a tree where mistletoe grew one.
As collateral for resurrection, the victory of death, plays the mistletoe in the epic Aeneid of Virgil an important role. The Greek hero Aeneas was only in the depths of the earth may fall, when a branch of the tree with golden leaves with him would wear. Led by mistletoe birds, he discovered the two gaps in the crown of an oak. The oak tree was seen as the underworld, but also as a tree of the resurrection. He made access to the underworld as possible, but also the return. The golden mistletoe was a symbol of the light by which we the realm of death could overcome.

People use
The use of mistletoe the New Year (Guilán-neuf) has remained alive in France. In the New Year's Eve, at midnight, it is called under the mistletoe his best wishes for the new year.
In England and Canada's most important green mistletoe for Christmas as a symbol of friendship, love, happiness and long life. The pillow under the mistletoe shrub is an old folk custom.

Mistletoe go to the botanical description of this plant.

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