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sacred fig

The fig tree (Ficus) are among many peoples venerated as a holy tree. He is next to the olive and grape bush symbol of fertility, abundance and awakening.
We come against him, especially in India where religion from heaven down fig tree growing symbol of the world. It was the bodhi tree (Ficus religiosa) under which Sakyamuni, Siddhartha (later Buddha) was enlightened. Have been lighting the next told:

When he retired under the fig tree, legs crossed, feet on the sky, hands open, appeared Mara, a demon who created matter and the enlightenment of Siddhartha wanted to prevent. He left his three daughters, who accompanied him, for Buddha dancing and singing and everything to do to arouse sexual feelings in him. Vain.
Mara's threat

It left him cold. Mara was furious and sent his army of monsters and wild beasts to him. Hurricanes, torrential rain and lava flows threatened the fig tree and the ascetic seated below. The earth rocked back and forth between the four directions. Siddhartha endured this terrible attack without flinching. The armies of evil eventually retreated back empty-handed.
This event symbolizes the descent to the underworld through the channel of the cosmic tree. The enlightened Siddhartha overcomes the temptations and terrors, and eventually the Buddha. He has become one with the universe, no longer differs from the cosmic tree.
The fig tree with its large underground root system, narrow stem and wide crown for Buddhists the world tree, depicting enlightenment, awakening, focus on latent energies needed for the spiritual metamorphosis.
Siddhartha under the Bodhi Tree
Two hundred years after the death of Buddha, Emperor Ashoka undertook a pilgrimage trip to Uruvela (now Bodh Gaya) in Sri Lanka. He left the fig tree over a temple with an open roof construction. For him this was a meditation spot. According to legend, Emperor Ashoka had deep feelings for the fig tree because the figs nymph appeared to him. His wife was jealous and had the tree by a sorceress locked behind a wall. The Emperor was sick, the tree also. The Magic had to be lifted. After this succeeded, Ashoka sent missionaries throughout the country to spread Buddhism.
The tree in Bodh Gaya was in the 6th century AD. Casanka by a Bengali king, destroyed. Miraculously grow new branches from the root and then a beautiful tree. In 1811 he was appointed by the British botanist discovered Buchanan-Hamilton. 55 years later, unfortunately the tree during a heavy storm uprooted. This time appeared new shoots from the root residues were still in the ground. For Buddhists, this is the sign that their faith is blessed.
In Greek mythology, the fig tree called because of the battle between Zeus and the Titans which lasted nine years. The Titans were eventually defeated and, except Sykeus, banished to the darkness. Sykeus turned into a fig tree.
The fig tree was revered as a tree of Dionysus, god of intoxication and ecstasy. The goddess Demeter gave the fig to the people of Attica, where she was seeking consolation after her daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades. demeter goddess of grain and fruit
The curse of the barren fig tree by Jesus of Nazareth in the New Testament is interpreted as a condemnation of the Jewish people. A withered fig tree symbolizes why the synagogue in Christian art.
According to legend, was the Virgin Mary with the infant Jesus by a fig tree. Because they were persecuted, he opened his trunk so they could hide in it.
The Romans had a feminine symbol of the fig tree because his heart-shaped leaves appear on the vagina. Every year the Romans celebrated a feast in honor of Juno Caprotina, goddess of the fig tree.
The fig tree was also dedicated to Bacchus, god of wine.

The inhabitants of Cyrene decorate themselves with fig leaves when they sacrificed the fruits of Saturn.
The wolf, the twins Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome, under a fig tree gave suck.
Baylonische the goddess Ishtar appeared in the form of divine Xikum fig tree, "mother goddess in the center of the earth."

Babylonian goddess Ishtar

Breathe and Eve under the fig tree
Gallic gods, called Dusii were in Latin and Ficarii, fig eaters described.
The Italians used to date a sexually suggestive gesture, the 'factory in fica, figs hand. This gesture is originally from the orient. Index and middle finger are extended here with the Lingam-Yoni a thumb. Among the Hindus, this was the holy Mudra, union of masculine and feminine forces. But the prudish Christians saw this as an obscene gesture.
The fig tree plays an important role in the Old Testament, the expulsion from Paradise. Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fig tree. When they were expelled from Paradise. They discovered that they were naked. All the trees that they begged for their cover, being them, except the fig tree. After he had given them his fruit, he gave them his leaves.

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