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Since ancient trees play an important role in the daily lives of people. Our ancestors worshiped trees. For them the giant creatures with a strong, positive force. Trees were bearers of mysterious forces received from the soil pits. Forests represent the earth mother. In each tree, a tree was living soul was heard to observe. Ficus religiosus
Nostradamus said: "Every man is a tree related. Only in connection with his tree, he can be happy. "
Trees were always an attraction for people. According to an old saying, a man in his life three things: build a house, a child into the world and plant a tree.
In Germanic mythology were two trees that received the breath of the gods and so the first people Askr and Embla, created. The tale of Frau Holle recalls the Goddess Freya in the elder (hollow tree) was worshiped.
In the Germanic Edda epic is about the mighty ash told the World Tree Yggdrasil, whose crown the whole universe.
The Sacred Grove in Olympia
The tree cults of the Greco-Roman antiquity is an ancient, life-giving and nurturing mother goddess in the center. Examples are the oak forest in Dodona, the oil boom was at Olympia, the platanenbos Crete. The tree has the power of mother nature inherited, to know the future. This predictive function we also in Germanic mythology against. The roots of the tree reach deep into the earth which is the god Odin hung for the secret of the runes to receive.
People need trees to the trees, not necessarily people. The trees were before us on earth. In the Germanic, Celtic, Indian and Indian creation mythologies describe, that the trees from which the gods created humans.
The Roman poet Virgil wrote the Aeneid of Roman oak forests, where people live who emerged from trees. "Nymphs and fauns inhabit the forests, a family that originated from the stems and heartwood.
The Greek poet describes how Zeus Hesiodius third human race created from ash.
tree cult in the Greek-income Indian tribe of the Algonquin tribes to believe that the Creator of the arrow shot into the ash.
In the woods our ancestors felt particularly close to the gods are. They built them no temples, mosques and churches, but they worshiped there, where their presence is most felt: the trees.
To Dodona in Greece grew orakeleik, herded by three priestesses in the rustling of the leaves the voice of the Goddess thought they heard.

Godvader Zeus was under a poplar from Rhea, his wife Hera was born under a willow. Their daughter Artemis lived in a tree. The god Dionysus, god of trees and vegetation, was honored in a cypress. Romulus and Remus saw the light of the world for the first time under a fig tree. The Roman God Jupiter would originally have been a tree sense. The nymph Daphne was Apollo's flight from her mother Gaia changed into a laurel. Since then, the favorite tree of Apollo. The priests of the sacred oracle of Delphi to him chewed bay leaves to reach the highest ecstasy while their prophecies statements.
The Egyptian goddess Hathor to get a picture from a tree.
rice goddess Hathor fig tree
Buddha was born under a tree, found enlightenment under a tree and died under a tree.
According to Indian mythology were trees as "the Lords of the Forest" honored that caused the people brought offerings to the gods ended. For Buddhists, the forest has a soul. When a tree deity to man wants to show, will he / she is between the branches of a tree. But he / she can also completely remove and then emerge as a Brahmin around. These boomgodheden are friendly to people if they are not irritated by them. In Indian mythology, is the fig tree (Ficus religiosus) as the origin of man.
Each Indian had his own tree, which he visited to meditate, new power to create, exchange ideas and to die.
In Homer, Virgil and Hesyochins Essenman the ancestor of mankind.

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