Monday, August 15, 2011

Tree of Life and Death

Heli Aden (described as the poet Ovid in his Metamorphoses). Phaeton with its solar vehicle struck by lightning

Another story is about the nymph Nice. When they are pushy overtures fled, she was the goddess Persephone in a silver poplar (Populus alba) changed. This left her rape saved. Cute nymph
Black poplar poplar and silver were both associated with death. A symbol of the night, grief and loss, the other as light, salvation, deliverance.
Poplars are related to the underworld, with memories and past. Poplars were dedicated to the goddess Hecate death, white poplars to Persephone, goddess of rebirth.
The Greek hero Hercules is wreathed with leaves of black poplar. His sweat stained the white underside of the leaf.
The white poplar was often planted in areas where many live snakes, because this tree was the arch enemy of the snake and snake bites could heal.
Homer calls the poplar several times in his writings. For Ida cave in Crete, where Zeus spent his first day, was a sacred poplar.
Medea, protector of all magical plants, often used the poplar her magic.

Aspen and aspen
In antiquity, the aspen tree of the heroes. A crown of aspen leaf granted them strength not only to the underworld to visit, but to keep returning. Crowns of aspen leaf in graves were found, suggest that they believed they would help to be reborn. poplars
Aspis, the Greek word for aspen, meaning shield. Greeks and Celts their shields manufactured preferably from aspen wood because it was light. These shields were more than a physical barrier between the warrior and his enemy. They possessed magical protective qualities. Why people like aspen planted in settlements.
The Latin name for aspen is Populus tremula, the trembling poplar. Other poplar species have leaves that easily at the slightest breeze to move. But the leaves of the aspen, which is actually not rattle, but gently rustling or whispering, do so by their round shape and long steal even easier. I would much rather whisper poplar poplar to call. You can also associate this sound with the sound of light rain on the leaves.
In many cultures, religions and people associate with the voice of the wind, the tree spirit that inspires people to meditation. In legends disappeared people in the vicinity of an aspen were, to the land of the fairies.

For those in the Scottish Highlands, where the aspen critheann (pronounced cree-an) is called, was a magical aspen tree. When an aspen leaf placed under his tongue, could better his breath. That was a gift from the Fairy Queen. There is a taboo on the use of aspen wood for poles, agricultural equipment and construction of a house because it was like the elder one feƫenboom, which could not be cut. Unfortunately, this respect for trees such as aspen and elder by the Christianization lost. The belief in fairies were devils. It was claimed the trembling aspen shame because the cross on which Christ is crucified him, was made of aspen wood. (From yew and oak was claimed the same way). Thus was the sacred tree to something one should be afraid.
An aspen or poplar whisper "is a tree where you could look at very carefully and listen. Might hear or feel something of the spirit tree gives you peace and a possible answer to one burning question.


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