Thursday, August 25, 2011

alternatieve adventskrans

Flower arrangements: alternative Advent wreath making

Advent wreath different views:


Peace and quiet, a dull sheen that remains after the departure of summer and fall does our desire for brilliance and color, the period before Christmas is the run through the creative and playful of the following proposed table arrangement we give our living room has an extra dimension of celebration and longing.

Advent, which begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas is an important period of Christianity in the church year. Traditionally we decorate our interiors with an Advent wreath, the wreath that I proposal differs somewhat from the classic pattern but is strikingly beautiful and harmonious. In this alternative arrangement, the circular movements (infinity), the crown (a sign of warmth and hope litter) and the four lights (symbols of the four Sundays) back to a rather playful way. We anticipate using as many natural elements and green ditto most notably bolkaarsen 4. Although color is purple for Advent in the church liturgy, is the main tone of this settlement contrasting green and red.

This seating arrangement in a flat bowl is made according to the multi-point principle.


Plant material

Berries and fruits: apples red trim, holly or Skimmiabessen, chestnuts

Green: green spruce, Skimmia, box, lavender .... Moss: kussentjesmos or moss from garden and forest

Other: Hydrangea Flower, Polygonumstokken, ornamental grass stalks in little bundle tied ...

For the crown: weak branches or vines of Clematis, Cornus ...

No plant material:

a large, flat dish and round trimmer

sharp knife green floral foam


Glue Gun


florist wire


Adhesive sticks in the bowl with the glue gun down (to the oasis is in place to keep). Cut the floral foam saturated blocks lengthwise so that by one inch thick van4 interested nations place with a little cutting and paswerk in shallow dish. The floral foam does not have the edge. The moss will later cover the openings.

Place the candles, to taste, or not at the same level on the floral foam and draw some concentric circles in the oasis.
Cut the green at the same height and position type by type on the created circles. Place the same hollow, cut Polygonumstokken.

Place the decorative red apples (one red varieties: Profusion, Red sentinel, Red obelisk) and fill the hollow Polygonumstokken go with green.
The greater the color contrast the more lines and circular movements reflect.

Then insert the greenery, the hydrangea flowers, chestnuts (advance toothpicks or skewers inserted). Make that everything fits and that no more green floral foam can be seen.

Place the rest of the greenery, holly berries and homemade little bundle of ornamental grass to full-scale outlet. Place the moss.

Put on the edge of the dish kussentjesmos (moss or other) so that everything fits well and there are no more openings.

To complete the arrangement to create a slight crown with branches not too heavy (eg: vines of Clematis) with a diameter similar to that of the bowl so that the crown just at the inside of the bowl beneath. This special operation is transformed into an Advent wreath arrangement.

A bit quirky and specifically, the Advent wreath, but worthwhile. The days are gloomy, the weather is not easy, it makes your living room a festive, this ring will provide them the unique atmosphere!

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