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maternal Linde

The lime tree is inhabited by sweet lime essence that makes the seductive scents of flowers and thus stimulate the love of lovers delight. It is also a mother tree because it feeds on its nectar many insects, especially bees. The ancient Romans called her "bee pasture".
It is a soft sweet tree with light green, heart-shaped leaves.
The name lime would be derived from the use of the bark (bindsel linda =), but also on winding, twisting, winding. This is appropriate because the Enareërs, Greek mannish, could predict the bark to split into three, and their finger to wind. In following up, they were able to speak to predictions.
Linden trees are way. They may have more than 1000 years old and save their souls linden what happens around them. This enables them to people who are open to advice.
The linden leaf is the symbol of the freeholders in the Middle Ages and the pilgrim. In Central Europe, the linden tree of immortality. In Estonia and Lithuania, women always sacrificed limes, while men did so under oaks.
In southern Germany and Tyrol (Austria) were limes by dwarves, dragons and tapeworms inhabited. In Sweden, Linden still protected because it prudent spirits.
For the Germans, the lime devoted to Freya, goddess of love, justice, domestic happiness and fertility. She was often the center of villages and houses were planted. Sacred Tree as its lightning could not hurt and the person who hid under her canopy, was security. It was also believed that with lime leaves, bark and ash witches and wizards could keep at bay. Therefore, the linden tree, a house across Europe as they protected the people against evil.
The lime was with the Germans the right thing or tree (tilia verdict sub). In its shadow was right spoken sentences were passed, meetings were held. Under the linden was danced, drank, loved. In short, it was a place of happiness and relaxation. Later, the Freya Maria Linde Linde.
One time a murder has caused a lime leaf, namely the Nibelung saga. The hero Siegfried bathed in the blood of the dragon, whom he defeated had to be invulnerable worden.Toen a swirling leaf linden, and came down on his right shoulder blade contact, making him a vulnerable spot on loved. He himself had not noticed. However, rival, Hagen of Tronje. Who abused his knowledge and Siegfried pierced with his spear.
Siegfried's fight with the dragon is the symbol for the lime motherhood. It feeds on the nectar of its blossoms many insects, especially bees. It gives people peace and consolation. Flowers, leaves and bark have medicinal, wood suitable for carving. Famous are the beautiful carvings by Veit Stoss and Tilman Riemenschneider, and, in churches of Würzburg and Rothenburg ob-der-Tauber-(Germany) to admire.
In Greek mythology, was recovered on Philyra (Greek for lime) that a centaur (half man, half horse) after she gave birth to her cousin Kronos, in the form of a stallion, had made love. Full of shame, she begged her father, a Titan, to her in a lime to change what happened. In her form as she made sure her lime son, Chiron, the secrets of plants and their healing powers met.
Another story from Greek mythology is about an old couple, Philemon and Baucis. They loved each other into old age. There were two passengers on one day, by everyone in the village were rejected, the door of their hut. The two old people invited them to come out and prepare a meal for them. They could not see that it was the gods Jupiter and Mercury. It decided to Philemon and Baucis reward for their hospitality. They climbed with them to the top of a hill nearby. Once there, put the old people found that a more inhospitable homes of their neighbors and had devoured their own cabin in a beautiful temple had changed. Mercury asked about their wishes. They reply: 'We want to be priests in the new temple and protect him. Do not we want the grave of another witness. "Their wish was granted. When their lives in order went, changed their bodies in trees. Philemon became an oak, the tree of Zeus, and Baucis a Linde, a medicinal tree. Their twigs twisted into each other.
centaur (horse-man)
Another story is about an evil lime in Belgian Limburg near Maeseik. The rich knight Riddert celebrated on the day he was the devil, who would take it to hell, under the lime tree would meet. Guests begged him to take a cup of wine to toast the Holy Gertruda. He did. Then when he met the devil under the lime tree, it began to wail as Gertruda back on the horse with the knight Sat Satan made him come away. The knight then promised to dedicate his life to God.
The story of a linden tree that remained green even in winter, comes away from the Polish city Rastenburg. A condemned man cut a picture of maria linden wood. The judge saw this as a sign from God and let him free. The man put the statue between the branches of a lime, which has since its leaves during the winter was.
Finally a poem by the medieval poet Walther van der Vogelweide:


Unter der linden
an der heide
da unser zweier bette was,
ir da muget find
clean both
gebrochen bluomen unde grass.
Vor dem Wald in einem many,
Sanctions Diu night clean galleries.

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