Monday, August 29, 2011

Grapes: Summer pruning

Summer pruning in grapes

Summer pruning is required to:

     the vine to keep compact (rank of 4 m are not uncommon).
     the clusters can therefore develop optimal
     The grapes may be the right light more mature
     because the vine can be less fluffy fungal action (rot)

During the development of the branches it cuts it to two leaves beyond the bunch. It is possible that multiple clusters on a vine out. It retains only the cluster that is closest to the gesteltak. Branches which no cluster is present, cut it to 40 cm. The axillary shoots of the two upper leaves arise as new shoots that can always cut back to a leaf. Only the extension of the still young to form gesteltak be left alone.

In the hope that with the pruning a rich harvest of juicy grapes, may be obtained, I wish you much success!

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