Monday, August 22, 2011

Advent wreath making (in lace)


floral foam wreath
green: it should be small and in large quantities because in a green ring is a lot of sense.
blue cedar, Pinus, Skimmia, holly
Another small green Christmas material that remains good long time.
You can also handle small flowers in but this is certainly not necessary. If your flowers, then please also eg small red roses that are beautiful dry.

decoration material:
small Christmas balls
notes sprayed
Hydrangea flowers are sprayed
ribbons, apples, cinnamon sticks, dried fruit etc.


Candles on the wire transfer. This is fairly easy poker thick wire you a glowing flame and then you gently push the bottom of the candle.

Insert the candles first and then you start all your green stabbing. Be sure the inside is not. After stabbing the green, you can finish with the flowers and other decorations.
To snow on your ring, you first have to spray glue and then sprinkle otherwise the snow on it.

Beware if you leave your candles burning for fire.

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