Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tree and people use

For many, the tree symbolizes hope, new beginnings, rebirth and eternal life. They play a major role in national life.
The ancient Romans often planted at the birth of a child a tree. This is often done with us today. In Switzerland it was common to the birth of a son, an apple tree, with the birth of a daughter, a pear tree to plant. When someone went on a journey, they planted a tree that showed how the passengers perished. Tree grew well, it fared just as the traveler. When a native tree died, it was a sign that its human counterpart also would die.

The tree motif is found frequently on tombstones, eg the image of an oak tree struck by lightning as a symbol of a man who unexpectedly deceased. The weeping willow is a symbol of grief and mourning.

If we on December 4, the Barbaradag, a branch of a cherry tree and cut into the vase, it will bloom at Christmas. It predicts a healthy and blessed new year.
So you can do: Go to the garden Barbaradag!
Tell the bare cherry tree:
Short day, the sky gray.
Winter with snow and ice.
About three weeks the party,
as it always has been.
Tree, let me cut your twigs!
He will blossom in my room
Christmas with the holy night
with white blossom in full glory.

The hazel divining rod and gave the best magician sticks.
A good nut harvest meant fertility of humans, plants and animals. Already the ancient Greeks were as good luck notes scattered among the people. In Germany, many villages in the habit of a birch tree on May 1 at the window of the beloved turn. But soon a girl who was willing "to go into the Hazel" Hazel was a put at the door and was mocked.
Against strong sexual urge and lust of a man in 1715 the German physician gave his patient Hellwig willow leaves with sugar to chew.
An old English magic advises a woman unlucky in love for the footprint of the beloved husband to take a bit of earth to dig under a willow. It had to whisper:
Green willow tree you dear,
I saw you in my dreams nightly.
Let his love come to me
So I no longer have to dream.

To find out how successful her spell was, she had her shoes thrown nine times in the willow. If the shoe between the branches hung, it will in the following year with the married lover. maypole

At St. Andrew on November 29 evening one could love another oracle use. This evening was one of a married neighbor get a cup of water with a little earth from the foot of an oak filling, two pears and nuts there doing the whole midnight drink. If you went to bed immediately, the future appear in your dream.
Dating from Victorian times to use with the dearest one to pick laurel, breaking it in half with each half was. The love would last as long as the laurel remained green.
Who in Iceland a certain character in the bark of a fir cut and then slept, had prophetic dreams.

The magical healing power of trees is reflected in popular use to crawl through a split tree.

It is known to prepare and decorate the maypole around which danced. Furthermore, using love as a maypole at the window of the bride put, what should be done secretly.
We know still setting up a tree when the roof of a house is finished (highest point). Perhaps unwittingly plays a role in the desire, the house may be so stable and durable as a big tree.
Easter is also connected to a tree use. In many living rooms are put down branches, decorated with colored Easter eggs.
people use stick-Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday (one week before Easter Sunday) in children often sticks in the shape of a cross, adorned with a Palm Sunday chicken, green branches, and colored paper streamers behave. Singing so they go through the neighborhood. The biblical background to this is the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, where he was a huge crowd waving palm branches were greeted.
In various parts of Germany in early February called Narrenbaum set up as a sign of the upcoming Carnival festivities. Children climb the trunk to the branches to pick out candy. Everyone is treated to sausages, bread, beer or lemonade.

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