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nourishing beech

It has been found in beech woods major power places such as Avebury and Cerne Abba's in England. She served as a power source (nuts), but were especially honored for their majestic stature.
It is thought that with their broad beech crowns the builders of the great vaults of cathedrals inspired.
The beech is the mother of the forest "or" beech queen. She gives her broad crown with her maternal protection and feeds nuts humans and animals. If in earlier times people had no food, there was still the beech in autumn with its fruits. The Celts believed to receive more wisdom by eating beechnuts.
The beech is associated with time, wisdom and knowledge, especially wisdom and knowledge that was written down in the first book (of beech). These were sacred books, written for the next generation.

According to a Greek legend, Helen of Troy the names of her suitors in the bark of a beech scratched. The smooth bark is ideal for it and many other loving couples have done.
The Greek hero Jason of the Argonauts built the ship, Argo, of beech wood. Argo, ship of the Argonauts
According to another Greek legend observed Apollo (sun god) and Athens (goddess of wisdom) from a beech vultures as the war between the Trojans and the Greeks.
In the legends told about snakes and beech. The English poet Tennyson refers to the snake-like roots of beech, which they found at Avebury.

The sacred beech forest of Dodona in Epirus is where Zeus had built his temple. It was believed that the divine message beech trees on the better than other people would bring. But besides the temple was a sacred oak. As Zeus the god of thunder was raging in the area where the temple was more thunderstorms than in other regions. That would be the big oak tree that the storm would attract.

Even the Romans played a significant role in the nave. Near Tusculum (southeast of Rome) was located on a hill a beech grove dedicated to the goddess Diana. The Roman orator Crispus rest often under beech trees whose roots he fed with wine. Hill at Tusculum
beech nut
The Irish god Ogma wrote the Ogham alphabet in beech.
William Shakespeare wrote poetry in "As You Like It"
'Oh, Rosalind! These trees Shall be my books,
and in my thoughts I'll character Their barks;
That every eye, Which in this forest looks,
shall see thy Virtue witness'd every where.
Beef, run, Orlando, carve on every tree,
the fair, the Chaste, and she unexpressive. "

The troll
In Germany (near Hannover Süntel), Sweden (Lund) and France (Auvergne) are beech forests where trees grow to a strange twisted trunk. In Germany and in Sweden they süntel troll named. According to a Swedish legend came the trolls from the mountains to the woods to have fun. They liked to bend the stems of the beech turning. It is strange that these trees only in a certain area. Also for this reason there is a legend: the trolls were tired after a while the beech to jerk and pull. They left their caves in the mountains and never returned because the "lolmaken 'they found much too tiring.
Unfortunately, in Germany most Süntelbeuken disappeared. People used to think that the devil had hand in the game. So was the tree with his bizarre appearance disappear.
Gisela Conrad wrote a beautiful poem about Süntel-Buchen:
Einst wuchsen Süntel und im DeisterBaumgestalten bizarre.But hat man den BuchenheisterTeufel für work levels.Asche Zu haben mission verbranntthat Struwwelpeterbuchen.Rar unbekannt sind und nun mission,nur wenig nor hierzuland.Muss man mission heute suchen!

Recommendations for using magic
And the beech leaves - nuts were in ancient times not only as food but as luck magic.
When you need comfort and understanding, go sit under a beech tree, or hug the trunk of a beech. You will find that a comforting protective effect of beech positive impact on your mood.
When you meditate under a beech tree, you will be able to relax and make your firm ideas into motion.
This tree could help with your ancestors are connected to act in order to benefit from their wisdom and knowledge.

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