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Tree and Judaism

According to the Bible, the trees were there before the people, because Adam was only on the sixth day. God planted two trees in the Garden of Eden: the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which Adam and Eve not to eat, and the tree of life, a symbol of eternal life and resurrection. Related to this is the world tree Yggdrasil of the Germans.

The tree's lives is seen as the Tree of Jesse, the genealogy of Jesus. Jesse and Jesse was the father of David, an ancestor of Jesus. There will be a rice come from the stump of Jesse .... "(Isaiah 11:1-2).

In Revelation 2, there is live trees on either side of the river grow and bear fruit twelve times a year. The river rises from the throne of God. The fruits are tasty and healthy, the leaves are very healing. He is usually depicted as a green leaf-bearing trees.

The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil was usually depicted as a withered tree. The Jews believed that it would be a vine, while the Greek Church as he saw a fig tree. During the Middle Ages it was thought that it was an apple tree. For people in hot countries it was a quince.
Why is the tree of Adam and Eve apple always been called? Perhaps this idea derives from the Latin word for apple 'penalty'. This again is derived from 'malum' evil means. The apple tree is the "evil tree where Adam and Eve ate in the paradise story of the Bible with the result that they were driven out of there.
But the apple is also seen as a symbol of immortality. And this fits much better with the tree of life.
The apple was about 4000 years BC in Iran and Turkey to Israel. The Hebrew word for apple is Thapuah which means fragrant. In the Song of Songs celebrates the bride her bridegroom as follows:
"As an apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among young men" and "refresh me with apples, for I faint with love."
The pomegranate is i.v.m. many seeds in it a symbol of salvation and fertility and is often a motive for painting and sculpture tissues used. about
Trees play a major role in Judaism. The menorah, the menorah that always burned in the temple of Jerusalem, referring to the almond tree. God gave Moses the assignment to make a candlestick of gold, bowls, buds and blossoms as the almond tree. The shape of the menorah is the same as that of the Mesopotamian Life: seven branches related to the seven planets. The seven lights are the seven eyes of the Lord as it appeared to the prophet Zechariah. They illuminate the golden menorah that stood among the olive trees whose fruit the oil supplied to the lights.
Early February in Israel when the trees begin to sprout, the New Year Festival of Trees celebration.
Hebreïsche in Kabbalah, the secret Jewish teachings, is the Tree of Life spoken, from top to bottom as the sun pursues everything lit.
This Life is a display of creation. He symbolizes the descent and rise again of the divine energy. It contains all of the cosmic laws and their interactions. Menorah
The tree root is over, invisible to most people. There is Kether, the crown in the center of three concentric circles: the absolute void, the infinite and limitless light. Kether radiates to the realms of God, the Sefiroth, luminous points, connected by lightning. The Sefiroth come from the primal energy.
In the structure of Sefiroth discover the three worlds, by the tree are linked: God, the universe and man.

In Jewish history were often formed columns (mazzevot) to thus honor God. Same significance trees that were planted. Abraham B.V. met three angels
Elonei in Mamre and planted a tamarisk tree there which he dedicated to God.

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