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Power obtainable rowan

The beauty and grace of rowan (Sorbus aucuparia), the Celtic priests inspired him to be called tree of life. He is one of the first trees in spring in leaf and thus symbolizes the renewal of nature.

Rowan also protects people and animals of every evil onvloeden eg the devil and other evil spirits. In Germany, it was confirmed so rowan branches above farmhouse and barn doors. When a calf was given a name, entered the farm before dawn in the woods at dawn with a piece of a copper tin lijsterbestak cutting. That he hit on the back of the calf and gave him his name. Therefore he wanted to protect the young animal disease. Such use was also found in Sweden at.

In rural England was once the custom cattle through a gate of rowan branches that lead would protect them from disease and infertility. The rowan beside the farm was housed fairies the influence of evil spirits were at a distance. They sewed a rowan sprig into children's clothes. This meant that evil spirits can not touch them.

The orange-red berries were immersed in water and strewn around the place that they wanted to protect.

According to Scandinavian mythology the first woman from a rowan, the first created man from an ash. The berries are in almost all cultures a symbol of the creative life force, blood, death and renewal have been.

The people of ancient Ireland believed in the ability of the rowan to retrieve lost youth. He was guarded by serpents and dragons.

Rowan was associated with Brigid, the Celtic goddess of poetry, medicine and ironwork. Her arrows were of ash wood.

In Greek mythology, we come to a story in which Zeus is in possession of a cup he has to steal from the Olympus. An eagle was sent out to retrieve the cup. There was a fierce battle between him and the winged creatures that had stolen the cup. According to legend, shot in any place where a drop of blood or a feather landed, once a rowan. Hence we see the berries as symbols of death, blood, but also new life.

According to legend, a malicious witch immediately banished to hell when her with a touch lijsterbestak.

Magical Applications

Rowan is one of the sacred trees of witch art. Its main feature is to give strength and protection.

If you are a piece of rowan wood you wear, you will increase psychic power. Rowan Leaves can be used as divining rods and wands. druid

Leaves and berries can be mixed with incense, your psychic power positively. Berries or a piece of bark may help to accelerate the healing process. They are also bringers of happiness and success. pentagram

With two rowan twigs one by one common thread tied in the shape of a cross, has been an ancient protective amulet around the neck can be worn.

Cornish farmers wore them in their pockets. The women of the Scottish warriors such an amulet sewed into the clothing of their men before they went into battle.

Walking sticks are still often made of wood ash as it would protect from lightning. A piece of wood ash to protect sailors to a shipwreck.

The berries are contemporary witch rituals.

When the family tomb of an ash plant, this area is protected from the rest ghosts of the deceased could interfere.

The red berries are a pentagonal star (pentagram), where the stem attaches itself to the berry. The pentagram was an ancient symbol of protection and thus protect your berries from responsibility for evil and misfortune.

The Scottish women rain chains of berries for protection. They helped someone to good and evil.

When one thread at a lijsterbestak binds, one can break the strongest magic.

Botanical information about the rowan

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