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Maja Kooistra

Like no other in the Netherlands, Maja Kooistra the ancient relationship between people and trees studied, experienced and described.
Dr. Maja Kooistra is research scientist at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries. Based on study, research and personal experiences she gives lectures, workshops and courses related to dealing with trees. She has a lot of people advice and information on dealing with trees in both botanical as well as spiritually.
After her two books "Encounters with Trees" and "The power of trees" had read, it became clear to me that this is a woman with the special ability to include trees to listen, to understand their language and their appearance and energy to feel and measure.
In the Netherlands and also abroad, she had encounters with trees in her fascinating book described.
Maja combines scientific institution with its ability to communicate with nature.


Lectures and workshops
They not only love and respect for trees, but would also delegate to others. Before she gives lectures and workshops. People can learn to their intuitive abilities to activate dormant trees and 'really' know.
For her special tree creatures that inhabited the earth long before people were. Our pagan ancestors who lived closer to nature than we are today, the power of trees for various purposes. Nowadays we are often unaware, the important role trees for the earth. European forests have virtually disappeared, and the tropical rain forests is the same direction. Healthy trees are cut down to race pace to earn money with it. With us they are often cut if they get in the way no one realizes how important they are for our health and vitality. According to Maja get this in recent years increasing attention. Old Oak
Trees are also aware of and refer to other forces and dimensions.
She devotes her lectures, workshops and books much attention to the contact between trees and people, the uniqueness and strength of trees, the primal force of ancient trees and woods, on trees and as intermediary carriers of invisible energies.
On her travels abroad, she met with trees that are not native to us as the baobab, laurel and heather trees and describes the fascinating discoveries she has learned about these trees.

Solar and lunar trees
After studying the appearance and properties of certain trees, Maja came to the conclusion that there are properties that trees have in common. Just as people are trees that are open to the outside (extroverted) and that they can easily get contact. Other species will wait (be introverted). The latter invite you to think, sort out or put to rest.
Extroverts trees have the strongest daytime look. Introverted trees are more energetic at night there, especially at full moon. These species react most strongly on whether the sun or the moon.
Maple - solar boom
Maja has developed solar and lunar English words chosen. Typical for solar trees is the open structure of the crown, as it were, whose branches reach to the sun. In the lunar trees, the trunks usually enclosed by sheet, so that no sun can reach. I.e. would be the trunk of a beech (Lunar) burn bright when the sun would shine.

Pronounced solar trees are pine, walnut, oak, ash, horse chestnut, locust and sycamore.

Lunar trees are beech, yew, hazel, spruce, willow, linden, blackthorn, chestnut, cherry.
Other native trees are partly solar and lunar part. Beech - lunar tree

Solar Trees grow rapidly and are therefore often whimsical forms. They are never pruned into shape. Lunar Trees take longer to grow straight up ..

Maja has found through intuitive readings for solar energy that the trees from the cosmos through branches and trunk to the earth goes, while the lunar trees, power flows up from the earth to the cosmos (except at full moon).
She makes note that our ancestors knew these differences. Important discussions and lawsuits took place under strong solar trees. Meditative and spiritual meetings were held under strong lunar trees.

Basic skills and instruments
And the energy fields - to track flows, it shall include use of:

v Kinesiology. That means working with muscle testing, the questions of trees and the use of affirmations. Here do not go into here, because these skills extensively in her book describes.

v Commuting which questions "ja'of 'nee'kunnen be answered. Even with a shuttle to the energy of trees and expressed in so-called boviswaarden.

v divining rods, which distinguishes it in forklift and hoekroedes.

Vorkroedes are usually made of wood, metal hoekroedes.

v Lecherantenne, invented by the Austrian physicist Ernst Lecher. In order to deal with, a special training. It allows you to properties and energy pathways of trees bepalen.Baobab - monkey bread tree
Boviswaarden are named after André Bovis, a French researcher who were involved with World War II, quality of food, especially wine, olive oil and French cheeses. He makes use of the shuttle and a self-designed measuring stick against which the quality (energy content) could be read, the biometer. He had this great success and was then appointed as special inspector for the French government.
After the war, his pupil Simonéton this method further. Because trees can achieve higher energy levels than foods, the biometer Maja has updated and expanded.
With this instrument, it can measure the vitality of trees and also consider what they have done a tree, worked. It can draw comparisons with other trees and confirm what they already have seen sense. Maja has extensively described in her books.
4000jaar old yew in Borrowdale (Wales)

Key Themes
I quote from her book "The Power of Trees':
"First, I examine how people once lived with trees and what function they had.
Secondly, I consider the role special trees in the lives of people played and what their background was. I do that now because I want to know what the real power of trees and how we in the twenty-first century format and content to give. To discover and by how many ways there are to be no tree to live in this world. "

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