Monday, August 29, 2011

blue grapes

Red grapes: Vitis Boskoop Glory

Vitis Boskoop Glory

Vitis Boskoop Glory is one of the best blue varieties of the Belgian climate. It is a fairly fast grower with tendrils to 7 meters. Boskoop Glory has large, light green leaves and is hardy.
The vine blooms with small green flowers that are visited by bees busy. During the summer and autumn the ripening clusters with moderately large, dark blue fruits.

autumn colors
Grapes are cultivated for ornamental autumn colors. Twigs and vines of Vitis coignetiae felty are rusty, like the underside of the leaf. The leaves change color to dark purple.
De Wingerd, Parthenocissus tricuspidata, is related to the grape. He climbs to 20 m high.
The autumn leaves change color purple.

Some practical tips for use:
Boskoop Glory prefers a south wall, where the fruits ripen best. Grapes have calcium needs, which takes the plant out of the wall.
Plant against a wall, a large hole the best interests of the poorer land. Fill the gap with a mixture of compost, peat and old cow manure. Grapes in the garden or a greenhouse, do not require large planting holes.
Vines have as a young plant well guided along wires stretched. The rotating climbing vines provide their own support.
Who wants a lot of grapes to prune carefully, after November and before the sap gets going. The fruits grow on the side branches of shoots from the previous year. Each year it grows at a floor, so shall also the bottom of the vine leaves and catches up to light.

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