Friday, August 26, 2011

strawberries growth

strawberries grown in pots or outdoors


No fun fruit crop for the garden or the strawberry (Fragaria ananassa). If only one fruit of the strawberry perennials. All other species are shrubs or trees, woody plants known. In the past they were much like (fruit) grown nurseries, between the rows of trees or shrubs. This already indicates that they tolerate some shade.

Tip! With strawberries in the spring under a tunnel of translucent plastic to grow, the crop considerably earlier. Such temporary protection also prevents bird damage.

Work for planting compost through the soil and buy healthy (= approved) plant material. The most common varieties bear once a year. For the garden or in pots are races all summer wear, however, as appealing. If strawberries in March-April are planted, they will bear fruit until the following year, except for two-year seedlings. Who does not suffer from the weeds will have strawberries, explains before planting black plastic on the ground. Make a small hole at the place where the strawberry is planted. Except that the black plastic prevents weed growth, it also keeps moisture and heat.

Straw between the strawberry plants have the same effect and also keeps the fruit clean. If strawberries are planted in rows, 60 to 70 cm between the rows needed. In the row is 35 to 40 cm is sufficient. Good, once bearing varieties are 'Elsanta', 'Elvira' and 'Korona'. A breed is known for supporting 'Ostara'. New varieties are 'Rapella' and 'Selva'. They bear fruit between July and October and bloom simultaneously

Tip! Highly recommended for pots and garden plants, the woodland strawberry Fragaria vesca 'Alexandria'. This is considered to ornamental growers and perennials grown. "Alexandria" is not wearing spurs and aromatic, fairly large fruit between May and November.

in pots
Strawberries do well in pots. Purpose by bearing varieties like 'Ostara', 'Rapella' and 'Selva' is most appropriate.
The strawberry is light, moist and humus rich soil.
Prune branches away, give organic food in moderation.
Fresh strawberries are best served and uncooled; custody as jams, juices, frozen or alcohol.

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