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Tree and Celts

The Celts had a special relationship with trees. Those who cut down a protected tree would soon die.
The most sacred tree of the Celts the oak tree. Each oak was inspired by a fairy and therefore an important lucky charm. Dary of the Celtic word for oak is the word druid derives. Once a year climbed the Druids (Celtic priests prophetic) dressed in white robes, their sacred oaks with their golden sickles to cut the oak mistletoe because it was the most sacred. The falling branches were caught up in white sheets and distributed them among the people. This has remained on the tradition of the Christmas mistletoe to decorate room.
Everything that grew on oak was sacred in Celtic eyes and a proof that God had chosen this tree.
From the Caspian Sea Celtic tribes moved west to West - Europe, east to India and Persia. Their stories, myths and songs gave them orally by the written word because they did not know. What we know of them comes from the writings of Roman historians such as Pliny and Maximus of Tyre.
The Celts worshiped their god Dagda in an oak tree. Dragda was the God of the good and the seasons. He was the father of the goddess Brigid, the highest of all the goddesses, who also was honored in trees.
The other tree was the sacred yew. He could never be cut down. Goddess Bridgid
The Celts plants at their house so often lime to their families and village communities. Under the linden village gathered the aldermen, said one law and it was danced at celebrations. But Linden also served as a gallows pillory.
Some lime hid overnight trumpet playing witches passers pounced. So it was when we watch out at night went on the road, because who wanted to "be ridden by the mare?"
On the last Sunday in April, placed the maypole. This they gave expression to his joy in the budding green by dancing around the tree and play.
Each tree was associated with a particular month of the year. The Celtic year began on November 1 with the Samheinfeest, the day when we honor the dead went. According to another view the new year began on December 25, the feast of light and rebirth of the Sun

The Celts called the Sacred Grove nemeton. The Celtic word meaning sky nem. Nemeton was a part of heaven on earth where the druids performed their secret ceremonies.
Caesar describes how the carmuta silva (forest Gaul), each year the druids came together. Some forests were sacred, e.g. the Black Forest, dedicated to the goddess Dea Adnoba and forests in the Ardennes, the realm of Arduinna, goddess of the wild boar.
It is said that a valley near Paris, surrounded by dense forests, shelter for evil spirits would be.
Many sacred trees of the Celts were later converted to Christianity and to the Virgin Mary or other saints devoted. Celtic gods of nature were to demons or saints declared. This one can still detect in Brittany (the Celtic Armorica) discover. Many saints who can cure illnesses are actually old source and forest gods. The Douna, the deep, dark forest of old, has virtually disappeared. Yet he lives on in Breton legends like Magic Forest of Broceliande. The British, fleeing from their country, brought legends about King Arthur and his Round Table it. The rest of the enchanted forest still exists in the forest of Pain Pont place as the Jouvence Fontaine "(fountain of youth)," Butte aux plaintes "(complain hill) and" Val sans return "(Valley of No Return).
King Arthur and his Round Table

Merlin orang-utan
Merlin was Bard (singer), magician, psychic and advisor on the part of King Arthur. He had given advice in the design of the Round Table and bravely against the barbarian invaders from Brittany fought. Mad after the death of his brother and because he was tired of human company, he retreated into the forest of Brocéliande in Brittany. There he would according to the legend in an incestuous relationship with the magic wife Viviane, his sister lived. He predicted the future of the Breton crash, and used trees, birch and apple trees, which fairies lure mortals into their world. Merlin and Viviane
Even more important was the pine (pine) at the source of Barenton. It was the living place of Viviane, who has magical powers. She could make it rain and water from the spring madness cured of his madness as they Merlin liberated. The source of Barenton has for centuries remained despite pagan procession parades in times of famine.
The pine Barenton by Merlin on shamanistic (using spells) climbed way. At his peak he reached the highest knowledge. Since then he lived in the tree. Here he received the power of clairvoyance, invisibility, power over the elements, the ability to the language of animals and oracular trees mean the ability to heal from the dead to raise, the ability to access resources to detect, creatures and objects to appear, which actually does not exist, the plant kingdom and to influence the art of flying.
Barenton of the pine has long gone, but there still lives the Sacred Tree in the town of Merlin Carmarthen in Wales. It's just a column of cement with some black branches of an old oak, but is honored as Merlin predicted that accident on the city will come when the column is moved or disappeared.

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