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Advent Wreaths members

Advent Wreaths made ​​by members - About Advent

Advent is a word in Christianity derived from the Latin word "Adventus" what is "coming" means. It is the period in which one or the coming birth of Jesus Christ and commemorates the new church year begins.
In the church you see in the Advent period the purple color appears. This is the liturgical color for penance and repentance. On the third Sunday we sometimes use the pink color.

Advent lasts four weeks and starts each year on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. The Advent season begins therefore always on a Sunday between November 27 and December 3. This year Advent starts on Sunday, November 30. Advent period always ends on December 24. The length of the Advent few days can be shorter or longer according to the date on which the fourth Sunday falls on the 24th December, but it always contains four Sundays.

November 30, 2008: 1st Sunday: Levavi
December 7, 2008: 2nd Sunday: Populus Sion
14 December 2008: 3rd Sunday: Gaudete
December 21, 2008: 4th Sunday: Rorate.
December 25, 2008: Christmas

In the Orthodox church, Advent is starting at a fixed date which is on November 15, exactly 40 days so it counts.

The Christians are not only symbolically manifest in the church, but do this by using an Advent wreath with four candles on it in their home. Every Sunday, a candle lit more candles so on the last Sunday before the 24th all four candles are burning. The candles symbolize the light of God in the world by the birth of His son Jesus. In principle, the candles are purple (except the third which is pink) and put them each in the order of weeks already passed.

The Advent wreath is the recognized symbol of Advent. The wreath is of origin with evergreen branches around and made ​​to symbolize eternal life of God. The round wreath there were four red candles in the center of the Advent wreath was placed a higher white candle as the symbol of Christ. The fifth candle was lit on Christmas Day. Using the fifth candle is white in this country disappeared. In America and Britain know they still do.

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