Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alternative Advent wreath

Alternative Advent wreath with white poplar branches and cornu

Flower arrangements:


Cornus poplar and red are often used in alternative Christmas pieces. Red and gray go well with Christmas greenery and custom baubles.

Leaves of poplar by florists often months before the Christmas spirit already drawn and stacked in boxes stored in the freezer. Just before the bonding they are thawed per pack.

Which you can make the piece

Of polystyrene 5 cm thick
Thick cardboard
Many abeelbladeren stalks
Red Leaves Cornu (best leave them in advance what to dry near heat)
Green spruce (preferably from a gray-green fir)
A large quantity of Christmas bulbs on wire (which is good for you both shiny and matte incorporated, from silver to gray)
A sharp knife
Pin or glue wallpaper paste
A beautiful red bolkaars
red, finely decorated board
Straw staples 3 cm
poker thread
eucalyptus branches with berries

How to proceed

You cut out your foam with a sharp knife, a cake of 30 cm.
It gives you a circular motion (type of yin-yang) from, from narrow to wide in the middle. You can do this drill with a sharp apple, or carefully with a paring knife. Conservation is at the bottom of the cake a few cm soil, because you must be pinned up in green.
Line the hollowed out cake pan with white poplar using glue or wallpaper paste pin (but then it takes much longer to dry)
Cut a circle out of cardboard with an inner circumference 4 cm larger than the circumference of your cake from poplar.
Glue here with glue stick (for cardboard takes more moisture) on poplar.
Cut pine green briefly and make up the opening. You need to just above the pine green cake out. Start your settlement on the outside and inside so the wide side of the figure. Put down the branches with straw staples 3 cm.
Alternate, now pine green, eucalyptus branches with berries, a few Christmas balls, which binds the wires together and who also put down with staples straw into the Styrofoam.
Keep filling at the same thickness, so you do not get holes.
Cut with an iron rod or iron wire scissor lever pieces 3 pieces of about 5 cm. Heat ends in a flame and put it at the bottom of your candle. Your candle is now three feet and can therefore safely dry your abeeltaart stand.
Prick your candle on the end of your filling securely.
Cut and tie branches Cornus this pendulum decorated board. Wrap the wire several times around a twig, leave about 5 cm of wire and wrap the next stick firmly. If you Cornus is dry, you will have branches in further drying does not fall out. If the Cornus still fresh, then you have the chance of sprigs of gimp your board falls in the dry.
Cornu Drappeer you crank on the cardboard circle.

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