Monday, August 22, 2011

Flower arrangements: creative door decoration

Flower arrangements:

door arrangement for Advent


Supplies / floral material:

1 piece of Styrofoam insulation.
Green paint.
Spruce green.
Annealed copper wire.
A few sprigs of larch with fruit to.
Glass icicles.
Spray adhesive.
Fake snow.


Cut out a framework to measure the insulation.
The outer dimensions of my frame is not bound 55 x 25 cm.
The width of the frame frame (which is bound) measures 6 cm.
Paint it in green (as a precaution if the green spruce would dehydrate)

Next make tufts spruce green and make it with the staples. Tip: make your own green wire staples so they are certainly invisible)

Start on the inside of the frame, then the top and finally the exterior. Make sure that the tufts overlap each other. (staples may not be visible)

All a little tighter by using copper wire which is rotated even more.

Once part of the winding wire bound attach a couple sprigs of larch (Larix), spruce top of the green.

The spruce green with spray adhesive spray and then sprinkle with fine powder.

Then attach the glass cones. (see finished photo)

Advent is the preparation time for the Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ in our human history
more than 2000 years ago.

Advent begins on Sunday four weeks before Christmas, so the Sunday between November 26 and December 4;
This year Advent begins November 27, 2005 accordingly.

The Sundays of our time are called first, second, third, fourth Sunday of Advent.

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  1. Styrofoam insulation panels have a reflective surface on one side, usually a sheet or coating of aluminum. This foil not only serves as a radiant barrier, but it can also make a panel resistant to moisture.