Monday, August 22, 2011

Advent - Light in the Darkness

An Advent wreath is usually made ​​of pine green or other natural materials and carries four candles, one for each Sunday of Advent one.
We have chosen to work with a rectangular four Advent candles holders.
Choose materials throughout the Advent period lasting. Finally, your piece on Advent Christmas is still fresh help!

Which you can make this arrangement

An elongated bowl with 2 or 3 blocks oasis
conifer green / pine green
St. John's wort
4 candleholders + candles
Decorative materials such as baubles, stars, ...
All flashing / sharp knife
poker thread
How to proceed

Let the floral foam absorb water.
Give the candleholders a place in the oasis.
Cut green conifer / pine green and custom work from outside to inside.
Use the long side branches and work upward with shorter branches.
Insert the floral foam blocks completely filled with greenery and nice to work around the candle holders.
Place the balls on poker thread and give it a place on the Advent piece.
Process now in the Bijma materials such as safaris, eucalyptus, deer hay, berries, ...

Tips & Facts

The traditional Advent wreath is made of pine green, green of nature that defies the winter.
The colors used are usually purple and pink.
The purple color of the candle stands for "penance and repentance," some on the third Sunday of Advent candle is lit a red rose as a sign Christmas is near. This Sunday is also called the "happy" Sunday said.
A purple ribbon through the greenery, encourages reflection.
In modern times the colors of the Advent piece to complement the colors in the home.
Use as a base for your Advent piece lots of green, because it still plays the leading role.
This piece has been eucalyptus used to the silver of the ornaments once to highlight it.
The hypericum accentuates the red of the candleholders.
Use your hypericum or take out the leaves. They are yellow and it is sloppy.
Note: use candles without candle holders make sure that they can not catch fire!

A fine Christmas time and make something beautiful :-)

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