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Tree Woman Julia

The story of Julia Butterfly Hill
"I am the voice and face of this tree and the whole forest can not speak for themselves".

In December 1997 climbs the young, American environmentalist Julia Hill (aka Butterfly) in a 1000 year old Californian giant trees (sequoias). Julia in her tree
Along with the environmental group Earth Now she wanted so against the logging company Pacific Lumber by the Headwaterbos (as big as 56 football fields) protest. The erosion was caused thereby, and caused massive mud flow, which many families lost their homes. The protest was aimed at exposing the logging of these and the rest of the forest protected.
At 55 meters she made between the two branches of a primitive abode at 3 meters. She had planned, so as not to come down sooner than it would be certain that the remaining trees would remain.
That lasted two years! Julia climbs to the top
Two years, they are wind, cold and wet resist. There came the harassment of the logging company. I.e. her friends could not eat. Helicopters flew for days around the tree. They threatened to cut the tree anyway.
What was she doing there? Her cell phone rang it every day for 8 hours. She received many letters and press releases. They climbed up the tree to have some exercise, wrote letters and poems.
In December 1999 came to an agreement between Pacific Lumber and Earth Now. 50 $ 000 sold the company to woodland. This money was founded by the Humboldt University in California.
A year later attempted illegal loggers that tree called Luna, to cut. They were caught and arrested. But the tree was badly damaged and threatened by another hurricane to fall.
Who is Julia?
Partly because of the experience of a car accident, she decided her life (she was fashion model) to change. They searched for a meaningful life for her job. On a trip to the Grizzly Creek Park, she was very impressed by the massive Redwoods, one of the most remarkable tree species on earth. These conifers, even evergreen trees or Mammoth coastal redwoods called, more than 100 meters high with a trunk diameter of over 7 meters away. It is estimated that 2500 year old Redwoods can be. They grew as early as the time of the Dinosauriƫrs.julia's home in the tree
Julia was in that forest a spiritual experience. She felt the trees should be called. There was the special relationship between her and the trees they wanted to protect them from now on.
Two weeks later she heard that there are around a great felling had occurred. Hundreds of the Redwoods were killed by the chainsaw loggers. Julia felt, cut themselves to shreds. These trees were 1000 years old and now the victim of material greed of people.
Back home, sold everything they owned Juliet, except some personal items and clothes. She bought a backpack and a tent and headed back to California without knowing what they actually could do. When they arrived, it was November, winter was at the door. Despite the suspicions of environmental activists climbed a 60 m high Julia Redwood and landed there on a 1.80 to 2.50 m wide platform, the activists of Earth First had built. Julia lived there for six days with two activists, which meant that they came down when loggers began, with axes against the trunk to store. In addition, they cut down trees around the occupied other trees and let it express in Julia's direction fall. For her it was dangerous. Julia dare!
The Lumberjack tree occupiers considered as vermin, whose jobs are endangered.
Julia who understood their anger, began to talk with them and tried to explain to them that a secure job was little sense when following an earthquake destroyed their homes. Some of them started, otherwise the action to look at.
There was a conflict between Juliet and the people of Earth First because they feared her not eating enough to care. But Julia stood his ground. at dangerous levels
Winter tree
Then hit the weather phenomenon El Nino increasing. Julia had constantly to violent storms. From below, she was terrorized by Pacific Lumber, also at night the tree with bright light irradiated and tried to starve her.
The weather deteriorated. A gust of wind grabbed her and threw her 1 m into the air. When they are desperate in the trunk of her tree clutching Luna, she thought her soothing voice. She followed the advice of the tree, let the trunk, her muscles relaxed and bent into the storm as trees do, for whom rigid and trying to stay strong, will break. Julia in touch with the world
So they survived El Nino at an altitude of 60 meters.
From now Julia was one of the tree. 100 days after tree stocking she was officially recognized as "Defender of the Forest". She was honored and many people came to see her to support her. All American newspapers and magazines wrote about her. On April 5, 1998 there was a live debate on CNN on the phone with Julia and John Campbell, head of Pacific Lumber. The sympathy of the general public for her grew.
Spring in the tree
One day there was thunder in the spring. That was dangerous, if such a high tree. The lightning hit twice, but Julia remained unharmed.
Gradually Julia something like the good spirit of Luna, a mysterious creature from Celtic mythology. The animals around her saw her now as a part of the tree itself.
And yet she had still not reached. Although Luna by Julia's engagement could not be cut, but one day, she would have to come down, and the tree would still be cut down. The press was in fact only interested in this special performance and endurance of Julia.
Then something unexpected happened. John Campbell reported to Julia for months after he had refused to talk to her. After several meetings this man was prepared to a small area around Julia's tree spared. But for now it was not that far, because actually not really understand Campbell, where it was really about. julia's treehouse
On December 18, 1999, the contract, leaving a field of 70 meters around Luna spared signed. After 738 days left Julia's tree, melancholy because she had become a part of Luna. live in a tree
Luna was in November 2000 by an unknown person with a chainsaw attacked. The act was not completed, the man was not found. To the collapse of Luna to avoid storms, they developed a special construction.

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