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magic twigs


The wand is the symbol of magical power, which the druids of the forces of nature prevailed. According to Celtic tradition, they could touch the wand with a man in a bird or a wild pig to change.

The French word meaning rod baguette tray and is derived from the Indo-European tribal language. In Latin, the baculus or baculum, in Greek baktrom.

The wand is usually a small stick, a branch of a tree, as the staff had to be fairies. The staff that gives life changes or is found in Greece in the hands of Demeter, goddess of the harvest. By striking the staff on the ground they would promote fertility by subterranean forces encouraging. The same power had the enchantress Circe, Ulysses and his comrades turned into pigs.

Demeter with wand

The master of the wand is Hermes (Lat. Merkur), son of Zeus and Maia. His great rival was Apollo, god of the Sun He was no match against Hermes, Hermes, because a lot smarter than he. Just born, it has played on a lyre from the shell of a tortoise was made. Apollo was so enchanted that he forgot his feelings of jealousy. Hermes gave him the gift winch, which Apollo gave him augurenstaf. Who would protect him all the dangers and help him, in words and acts deeds.


The Olympian gods were the clever seducer great Hermes, and even goddess Hera, the illegitimate children of Zeus hated her husband, locked him in her heart. Zeus took his son to his messenger Hermes, gave him the hat round of travelers, the Petasos, and golden, winged sandals Hermes thus the speed of the wind could reach. Finally, his staff entwined with white ribbons, which snakes changed. Thus was born the caduceus, the symbol of power.

The caduceus, a simple rod which moves in the opposite direction two snakes around it winds, is an old symbol. He was already on a scale of Goedeas, a Sumerian king, as symbol of creation. Hermes separates the two tubes against each other. One symbolizes the positive and the other the negative energy of the oerchaos. The staff serves as the center and ensures balance between the two forces.

The caduceus

The caduceus adorned with two wings when Hermes as messenger of the gods is in progress. Hermes is also considered the inventor of the fire it produces fast and powerful by the caduceus on a piece of soft wood to rub back and forth. This fire was later stolen by Prometheus. The staff of Hermes possessed the power, people sleep and wake up again. Therefore, they called him "lord of the dreams."

Finally, the caduceus of healing powers and was therefore attribute of Asklepios (Lat.Aesculapius), god of medicine. His name means 'infinitely good'. The sick were included in the Asklepeia to spend the night there. In their dreams, the god appeared with an oracle by the priests, the Asklepiaden, was interpreted.

When the Romans Merkur the mirror image of the Greek Hermes.


Hermes with caduceus

Dowsing and witches broom

Related to the caduceus, the wand and the divining rod that fairies hidden treasures in the soil and water can be detected. The divining rod is a fork-like branch, usually of hazel, which the Celts and Germans were already magical purposes. This wood is best able to wave to catch the metal in the ground water or broadcast.

The same goes for the staff of Moses at the feet of the Pharaoh into a serpent, another time by a rock to save water produced.

With a broom that was made of very thin branches were cleaned sanctuaries. The Shamans were using birch branches. In Southern Europe they made brooms from broom branches (Sarothamnus soparius) or heather. But the broom was no match against the dark forces.

Fairy with wand

 He could also be used by witches to fly to the sabbath. Some short and dense growths of branches on fruit trees and conifers, which are caused by a fungus, called "witches brooms".

witches broom on a birch

This had always been a magical significance. If you are a witch on a broom from the trees in your garden, then watch out! Evil is lurking!

The magic broom also plays a role in the famous ballad of Goethe's "Der Zauberlehrling" (the sorcerer's apprentice). It expresses an inexperienced apprentice magician a magic formula, causing the broom to life. He can not undo, because he does not know the formula for this.

All these poles, brooms, sticks and rods have magical properties because they come from a sacred tree.

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