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Sjamaan Dusty Miller

There are many types of wood: wood that is alive, green wood, dead wood, rotting wood, decaying wood, etc. If the tree lives and grows, he is filled with energy and play him in numerous processes that keep him alive. If a branch breaks or the whole tree falls down through age, sickness or storm, and if he continues to lie where it fell, he gradually rots and becomes food for plants and animals. For the leaves in autumn are thrown, the same applies. Then subtract the 'ghost tree', the dryad, the life of the tree. wand
Of green wood is when we have a living tree sheets, injure him or break a branch. Again there will be immediately pulled out all life, but the decay process has not yet begun. There are cupboards, doors, chairs etc. produced. But the wood is dead.
But Wood is a living gift of Dryade (the spirit of trees) to the language of those trees and their minds can understand and respect them. The life of the wood remains preserved.
(In Greek mythology, dryads were tree nymphs mortal. When a tree died, it meant the death of the nymph. Was a tree is damaged, then suffered the pain nymph.)

The Dusty's
For many generations, does a family from Kent (England) with Dryads. It is the family Dusty Miller (Miller-tribe), direct descendants of the original inhabitants of England. The pedigree of Dusty's return to the stone age when Britain still stuck on the continent. The family calls these times "The days of the wild woods. To date, they have the old magic knowledge and traditions bewaard.Dusty XIII
All children in the family called Dusty Miller, both boys and girls.
XIII Dusty Miller is now the oldest living, the patriarch of the family. Of course he really the 13th cousin. This count only began in 1742. Originally the forest Miller, pigs and guardians of a tribal shaman named Elfinfolk, also called little people or the filthy people called (because they are not washed). According to one legend, one day the pigs between squeezed out. The keeper then called loudly, "Where are the wild pigs?" He received an answer, namely the trees or more of the Dryads. She sent him the picture of a certain place in the woods, where he indeed found the pigs. Since then, there's between Dusty and the tree spirits a special relationship. When one branch of a tree they need and ask for it, to find the Dryads, sawing off the branch without the life force is pulled.
Dusty Dusty XIV XIII and his son tell lectures and walks on trees, Dryads and their relationship with them, about their family history and their businesses from where they live wood items like walking sticks, pendants and other items manufactured. Especially the story of Dusty XIII are very humorous in nature. Never try it, you anything to convince, not what you can experience. These people can gain experience through tree meditations "in which an energy exchange between the people and the dryads place. Dusty XIV
I've experienced this myself on a walk with the old Dusty Miller in the park of the chateau Alden-sleepers in Belgium. He is one of the most fascinating people I've ever met. Dusty's like all before him he absolveerde 25 years training to acquire knowledge and the ability to appropriate necessary to continue the family tradition. Teachers were his grandfather, Dusty XI, and his father, Dusty XII, and of course the trees and dryads. Dusty XIII sees himself as' brown witch ", as nature related male witch, craftsman and artist. When he cuts his living wood objects, he goes into a trance-like state, which have higher self tells him how the object should look. It requires concentration and dexterity and precision, because the Live Wood is more than one piece of a tree. It is home to a Dryade. Dusty can not make a mistake here. In addition, Dusty XIII also master of the commute, a connoisseur of runes (ancient Celtic script characters) and a very entertaining and witty speaker. He is a very nice person, can actively listen and motivate people and inspire.
Old trees

The old way Dusty recommends an old tree to find if one wants to make contact with the dryad. He says: "It's just like people. Young people talk a lot about themselves. Someone from forty been doing this a little less, and a 70-year-old asks, how can I help? "A visit to a 2000 years old tree is like an encounter with a philosopher. In the Netherlands such an old tree at Sonbeek in Limburg. He is 1000 years old. The trees in England which he works, his 2500 to 3500 years old. These are trees from the forest. The Dryads of the trees have been around 40,000 years old. With them have already worked his ancestors. The Dryade is not limited to a tree. A forest of 5,000 trees can only have one Dryade. Because it lives on in the offspring of the trees.
Trees, like humans, a soul or a "Higher Self", the dryad This word was already used by the ancient Greeks. The Dusty's say that this word is accepted by the dryads. The Dusty's work since generations with dryads in ancient forests in South East England. . The wood that they receive from them, still alive, because it is a clone of the original houses dryad. This is only possible because of their friendship and trust with the Dusty's. Dryads can produce an identical duplicate of himself, and this branch in paid leave. They also give a precise indication of where and how the branch should be cut. The Dusty's take this timber with Live and keep it for several years, while the dryad in this wood makes a further development. It indicates, if this wood can be processed. dryad
Dryads to give the Dusty's Live Wood, are very old and experienced. Inspired wood was previously known. Magic Bars B.V. were from living wood.
Dryads and people have much in common. Both are the highest evolved beings in the plant kingdom, respectively. the realm of zoogdieren.Beide strive to broaden their knowledge and their personal development work. Applies to both, they are an individual. There are people who are not interested in trees. Dryads are definitely not for people who are interested. Dryads with the Dusty's work together, both to people and also to develop their own interest.
An old yew (Taxus baccata), according to the Dusty's a very highly developed dryad.
An object of the Live Wood that a man possesses, can help to live out your own inner wisdom.

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