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Advent wreath with many explanations, tips and photos

Advent wreath with many explanations, tips and photos

Advent Wreath

During Advent, light in darkness is expected.

Approaching the light in the Advent symbolically visualized using the Advent wreath. An Advent wreath is usually made of pine green or other natural materials and carries four candles, one for each Sunday of Advent one. The most common is the green wreath Advent wreath with four red candles and red ribbon. These are signs of life and love, hope for light. Each Sunday of Advent is always one more candle is lit red. It symbolizes the rise of light overcoming darkness, the growth of hope ...... Just before Christmas the four burning candles.

This year the first Sunday of Advent on November 29.

Flower Arrangement Materials that you need to make the Advent wreath:

straw wreath of 30 cm diameter or more
wrap belt
green conifer, cypress, yew ,......
4 red candles
red ribbon
any penalty apples, pine apples ,........
1 spool of tying thread
hearty staples
poker wire 1.5
All steel cutter & pliers

Step by step explanation of making the Advent wreath:

Wrap the straw wreath with wrapping tape ---> pull tight and fasten with a clamp
cut the green twigs of 8 to 10 inches
Start with the tie wire to fasten around the wreath, garland 1x around the turn and bind together, then even more around the wreath tie
Green start to explain to the outside of the wreath, please use the slightly longer branches, smaller branches, use the inside
So working from the outside!
hold the sticks together / down with one hand and wrap the other hand the binding wire around 2x the green so it is secure
put in the same way another layer of green, but make sure the stitching thread below this layer disappears
work in this way all the way around the wreath

the last piece crown, where the green comes back together they work as follows:

cut the tying thread and align tightly with a clamp
Now starting from under the staple green twigs endpoint direction, so that the last piece is gone wreath
branches are all over each other nicely
make sure that all the branches show the same direction

completion of the Advent wreath as there are different possibilities

with a pretty ribbon and bow it can be hung on the door (see photo)

part with a pretty ribbon to the wreath into quarters and put a candle in every part, this for each Sunday of Advent (see photo)

4 of making ribbon bows and process it between the candles (see photo)

use instead of ribbon, a decorative rope that you put between the candle (see photo)

the further decoration of the Advent wreath is to taste / fantasy, but possibly with penalty apples, pine apples ....... (See photo)

how they put candles on the wreath
cut with an iron poker tongs two pieces of wire about 1.5, about 15 inches
Clamp a piece of wire between the iron bar poker (not with bare hands!) and heat the tip with a lighter
if it is hot, gently pushes the lever wire in the bottom of the candle, not force!

do the same with the other piece of wire poker
Poker wires are tight, then gently turn the candle on the wreath

Facts & Tips on making an Advent wreath:

Incorporate green always clockwise clockwise.
Use if necessary. hairspray to prevent loss of needles.

Wrap tape is a plastic-like tape that is used to wrap straw wreaths. (See photo)
Use "thick" green, no green conifers where one can see through!
Let ribbon and a candle "eye catcher" are.
Make sure the candles are tight, watch out for fire!

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