Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alternatieve Advent wreath

Advent wreath with alternative green homemade baubles


Wreath of greens, and homemade baubles

A wreath is always in, but a wreath of nothing but greens is surely something very original.

Precisely because nothing else was used than greens, it is a tone on tone arrangement.

It was next to the green variety of materials chosen for convex shapes to accentuate, by tufts Hydrangea by bolmos and colored floral foam balls out there with a potato balls are removed maker.

A wreath can be flat on the table, but you can refine it a little on a glass dish to present, which gives more cachet.

We opted for homemade ornaments with colored floral foam.


a floral foam wreath
Spheres of Asclepias
turned green Hydrangea Flower (Hydrangea), preferably with a little crackling (like paper) feel. If it is not too wet autumn, the white Hydrangeas beautifully green this time of year.
poker fine wire
good cutting knife to cut your flowers
iron wire cutting pliers
any gutta Perka and toothpicks
colored light green floral foam (green tone on tone to continue)
a beads maker (kitchen equipment: for potatoes)
a variety of fine green material, nice because the bulbs are there than most into it: eg Buxus, eg types Euyonimus, Viburnum tinus, types of ivy, Osmanthus, Baccharis, Gaultheria shallon (salalblad), Pieris, Sarcococca, Spiraea, ... Make sure You have different shades of green, from light to dark green, but no shades of gray, or burgundy sheet. shades
toothpicks or skewers


let your floral foam wreath in a large bowl of water to soak the wreath is completely covered. Without pushing on, in order not to break the structure, otherwise your flower is not enough moisture.
Put on wire Hydrangea. You can use fine wire used poker, or you can also use sticks to you with your flower stalk gutta Perka to confirm.
Tying up of Hydrangeas tufts usually happens as follows.
Take a piece of fine wire lever, insert it through the delicate branches of a flower.
Opportunities to make candles to handle

With a soft green candle in the middle
with four rounded green candles you through a poker wire under your candle on the wreath in place
middle of the crown glass lantern post
glass tea lights in place
glass candle holders on foot, in your floral foam punctured
long green candles that you stick a candle in your green floral foam between the sets

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