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Magic Trees

The ash (Fraxinus excelsior) is one of the sacred trees of antiquity. An old English spell reads: "By oak, ash and thorn." The Druids believed that the ash masculine energy and feminine energy contains hawthorn. In places where three trees grew, they saw fairies. The ancient Irish called the es "uinsinn. Inferred from this tree was in ancient Irish Ogham tree alphabet, the letter 'N'. The ash is one of the most popular trees that grew beside a sacred spring. Of the ash that grow on the Isle of Man, is said to guard the purity of the sources.
In Greek and Germanic mythology, the gods in contact with ash as Uranus, Oceanus, Nemesis, Mars, Poseidon, Thor and Gwydion. The Greek goddess Nemesis (goddess of avenging justice) essentak wore as a symbol of the scourge, the sacred instrument of the law.
Nemesis was later associated with Andrasteia, goddess of the rain-producing ash, daughter of the sea god Oceanus. It was the scourge of the fertility ritual used to trees and crops to promote. Nemesis, goddess of avenging justice
Thor / Thor, god of lightning and thunder, possessed magical spears made of ash wood.
The Vikings were called "men of the ash" because of their spears made of ash wood. Ash is strong, hard, elastic and durable. A pew from Suffolk was 1000 years old. Ash is very suitable for firing. This is derived the Latin word meaning Fraxinus what firelight. Still in love with England ash fired, because the long and intense burning, dry or fresh.

The ash is also associated with divination, prophecy and inspiration. Germanic god of Odin is said to have hung himself on an ash. In this way he hoped to be enlightened and be able to read the runes. In Norse mythology and the ancient Teutons represented the ash Yggdrasil, known as the World Tree or Tree of Life and Time. The first man was made from an ash, the first woman from a rowan.
One of the objects witch's broom, which was traditionally made from birch twigs around a solid essentak to bind with wicker.
The ash was old folk customs associated with water and dominion over the four elements: air, water, fire and earth.

Use magic
One of the main characteristics of the ash is protection. In ancient England was hung an ash wand over doorways to ward off evil spirits. They scattered ash leaves in all four directions to the house and to protect the environment. Also made one of the green bark that one was wearing a garter for magicians and physical attacks on a bay. The ash also protected against snake bites, because snakes do not like the wood of ash.
The ash had a reputation for wart removal. They stuck a needle into the bark of the ash, pulled him out, prodded him gently into the wart and then back into the bark, while saying: "Ashen tree, Ashen tree, take this wart of me".
And recipe during a sea voyage was not to drown and still are carrying a cross of ash twigs. Of ash were also made puppets and wands that healing would have. ash leaf
Maybe it still works when you get to some illness ash leaves in a bowl and sprinkle with water to put under your bed. You could heal. It is important to the bowl with water and leaves the next morning throwing away because they have the disease to be pulled. You can use this procedure several times with fresh water and growing new leaves again.
Leaves can also be worn with small bags to protect against disease and evil magic. Browse in your pocket or purse to carry with you, you also love for you to generate a nice man.
By Christmas ash wood to burn, you will have prosperity and wellbeing for yourself and others can promote. If you want your new born child is a good singer, then bury his first cut nails in an ash.
Newborn babies be given a teaspoon essensap them healthy. Children with soft bones be laid bare in a crevice of the ash bark.
But not all properties of the ash are desirable. He pulls namely lightning. So you should never hide during a thunderstorm under an ash. god Odin

A little boy climbed a big tree. From there he looked down and suddenly saw at the foot of the tree some wizards were. They did something horrible. They cut it because a woman's body into pieces and threw it so high in the sky, the boy one of the pieces could catch. The other pieces fell to the ground. When the magicians they looked together, they missed one. They added the pieces together and replaced the missing part by a piece of ash. The woman came back to life.
Sometimes the ash tree in a witch heksenbos and people believed that a monster was living in an old ash. Walpurgis Night, the witches in the leaf buds of the ash to eat to strengthen their magic. To "Askora '(ash wife) happy, it was necessary to Ash Wednesday an offering.
The seeds of the ash were always used to predict. If there are no seeds developed on an ash, were convinced that the owner of the tree unlucky in love or that would have a future enterprise will fail.
An old English poem reads as follows:
"Even-ash, even-ash, I pluck tea,
this night to see my own true love,
Neither in his bed jail in the standard,
but in the clothes he does every day wear. "

When an ash leaf in the left shoe of a girl or woman explained, she would soon meet her future husband.
Another English poem predicts the weather:
"If the ash leaf Appears Before the oak,
There'll then be a very great soak.
But if the oak comes before the ash,
then expect a very small splash. Vikings


Stands for the oak leaf 't es, the summer weather is clean, not wet.
Adorns the ash in front of the oak, rain flow away and wait dyke. ")

According to a legend from Scandinavia gave a once a giant ash of a village community. He wanted the villagers under the ash altar of the church would plant. He wanted to destroy the church. But the people of the ash plant on a grave where a direct flame from shooting up.
According to a Saxon legend grows in the cemetery of Nortorf, Holstein, no es because it was feared that someone would catch the ash. Whenever there is an ash germinated, were removed by a knight on a white horse riding, while a knight on a black horse was trying to stop him. If the black knight would win, there would be an ash grow large enough to be to him a horse to tie. In this way the king would be able to use his army to win a battle.

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