Thursday, August 11, 2011

mythological trees

Worldwide, deforestation and over - but the environmental movement - as no one really seems to worry about it.

Since ancient trees play an important role in the daily lives of people. Our ancestors worshiped trees. For them the giant creatures with a strong, positive force. Use in rituals and they gave evidence of their worship. Thus spoke the right under a tree and sick found healing in a tree. Some trees were sacred. No one could harm them or hoods.

Trees play in the mythologies of various cultures worldwide role, because since time immemorial, the fate of people connected with trees. You might wonder how it will fare a humanity that has destroyed this band. The impact of the global forest destruction now no one can overlook. But if we are to survive, we need trees another look.

Linde old in Sweden

What is the value of a tree?

A one hundred years old the process on a sunny day, the average carbon concentration of 2 ½ houses. A deciduous tree to 20 m high producing 370 liters of oxygen per hour.

It contains some 2,500 kilograms of pure carbon and has over 18 million cubic meters of carbon dioxide his life processes. He has 9,100 kg of CO2 and H2O 3700 liters photochemically converted approximately 23 million kg of stored calories and 6600 l of oxygen to humans and animals available. In addition, this tree at least 2,500 tons of water from roots to put his crown - against gravity - and evaporates into the atmosphere and an array of heat-related.

This century old tree has a man for 20 years with respiratory care. The older he became, the more oxygen it produced.

Trees and People
Trees are the oldest and largest plant creatures on our planet. Some are centuries old. The oldest, pine and sequoia trees, can reach an age of 4600 years. The giant eucalyptus is 150 m high, girth of a plane can reach 47 meters.
Nostradamus (physician and seer from de16e century) said:
"Every human being is akin to a tree. Only in connection with his tree, he can be happy. "
According to an old saying a man should do three things in his / her life: build a house, a child into the world and plant a tree.

In Germanic mythology were two trees that received the breath of the gods. Arose out of the first people Askur and Embla. The tale of Frau Holle is associated with the goddess Freya in the elder (hollow tree) was worshiped. In the Germanic Edda epic is about the mighty Ash told the world tree Yggdrasil, whose crown the whole universe. People need trees need not necessarily those trees. In the Germanic, Celtic, Indian and Native American creation myths describe the trees which were the gods created humans. The Roman poet Virgil's epic Aeneid in his message about where people live oak forests of trees that have arisen. The Greek poet Hesiodius describes how Zeus the third human race created from ash.
The Indian tribe of the Algonquin tribes believed to be the creator of the arrow shot into the ash.
In the woods our ancestors felt particularly close to the gods are. They built them no temples, mosques or churches, but they worshiped them where their presence is most felt: the trees.
Greece became the Oak of Dodona, herded by three priestesses in the rustling of the leaves the voice of the goddess believed to hear.
Buddha was born under a tree, found enlightenment under a tree and died under a tree.

Each Indian had his own tree, which he visited to meditate in order to gain new strength, exchange ideas or to die.
In ancient India they worshiped the fig tree. Between its leaves hid a naked goddess. Ficus religiosa stayed in India for a long time the holy tree. Under its branches the Buddha found enlightenment.
For the Chinese it was the spot center of the universe 'ski-mou' meaning 'upright timber means. Kien-mou, the tree of the renewal.
The Bible says that Abraham at the Sacred Oak for Mamre prayed to God. Later demanded the authorities of the Council of Arles in 314 of the people to stop the "blasphemous cult tree. It began with the destruction of sacred groves.

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