Saturday, August 27, 2011

Apples for asthma

Eating apples is good for the resistance to asthma

The apple is a much more powerful antioxidants than one supplier of hitherto thought, according to independently conducted research in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. That way he can not only protect the body against heart disease and against some cancers but also against asthma.

In many places around the world, researchers working on the effects of antioxidants mapping. Antioxidants are substances that protect the body against oxidation. Are oxidation and free radicals that can damage protein, fat and DNA molecules cause. The antioxidants that provide protection against free radicals. Vitamin C and carotenoids (eg beta carotene in carrots and lycopene in tomatoes) are notable examples of such antioxidants.

Of independently conducted research in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, it now appears that the apple is a major source of antioxidants. The fruit contains large amounts of quercetin and other substances that have powerful antioxidant effect. A single apple makes even the same antioxidant activity as 1500 milligrams of vitamin C, as calculated by researchers Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. The concentration of antioxidants, however, is five times stronger than in the skin into the flesh. An apple we can better do not peel.

Two apples a day for asthma

They knew that antioxidants protect mainly against heart disease and cancer of the head and neck, esophagus and stomach. The antioxidants in apples seem to be more. A study by the faculty of the St George Hospital in London had already shown that eating more than five apples a week, the breathing and lung function improved significantly.

Subjects over a period of five years more than five apples a week eating, were 13.8 cm larger lungs than those who never ate an apple. New research in Australia, the United Kingdom and Finland, now regularly eat apples also protects against asthma. The researchers found less asthma in people who are always at least two apples a day.

Finally, researchers from Cornell University in New York a link with Alzheimer's disease. They have found that quercetin, an antioxidant found mainly in apples occurs, brain cells of rats protects against oxidative stress, a condition that damages the brain tissue as occurs in Alzheimer's disease.

More apples - and generally more fresh fruits and vegetables - eat equips our body with the right antioxidants, which is now once again proved. When choosing vegetables and fruit is also not insignificant that the products are impeccably fresh and of good quality and above all environmentally conscious that they were grown. These guarantees are provided by the Flandria label. Choosing home-grown products is literally healthy!

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