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Trees in fairy tales and legends

Some fairy tales begin with: "Long ago, when the trees could talk ..... The tale of Frau Holle (Grimm), Marie along a tree full of ripe apples that say they want to be shaken.
In the fairy tale of Hansel play is death by a wily hero on a tree pinned. Everyone is happy because nobody needs to die. But eventually, the many old people are a burden on the community. The sick who would want to kill themselves may not die. So the dead back from his exile freed.

In the fairy The spirit in the glass (Grimm) is a woodcutter under a tree a ghost who is stuck. With his release the man finds his happiness.

In the tale the old woman in the forest (Grimm) we meet a prince and his entourage from trees that are changed. Using a poor servant girl who works the magic ring of the old witch to steal, they get their old human form again.
Trees are sacred and sometimes protective, sometimes dangerous and threatening.

The tree as a mirror for man
The tree in the fairy tale people also hold a mirror like in the fairy tale of the pine tree that would have other leaves (Anderson). His wish was granted. He woke up and had leaves of gold. A robber and plucked all the leaves off. When the desired tree leaves of clear glass. Also, this wish was fulfilled. A storm blew the glass leaves the air. They fell to the ground and splintered. Finally the tree was only the needles back and was thrilled when that happened.
In this tale, our people also held a mirror in which we can see how we deal with trees. The pine tree is cut, the market sold as a Christmas tree, decorated in a living room and finally on the garbage thrown.

The tree as a protector and good luck
Ali Baba (Thousand and One Nights) flight in a tree when he sees a group of approaching predators.
In The Wild Swans (Andersen) is living sister of the enchanted princes in a hollow tree and weaves 12 shirts from nettle fibers.
In the goose-girl at the source (Grimm) changes the water from a source under three oak trees, an ugly woman in a pretty girl.
At Eagle and Helen (Grimm) discovered a forester in a tall tree by a small child that there is an eagle in put.
Cinderella (Grimm) calls "tree, shake again, throw gold and silver down to me!"
In the garden of the Hulda like ripe apples from the tree be shaken. Mary the diligent response to that petition and is rewarded with a shower of gold. Marie contrast the lazy behind and let the apple harvest a rain of pitch.
In the garden of One-eye, two eyes, and three-eyes (Grimm) is a tree with silver and golden fruit.
In The White Snake (Grimm) is a man for the princess an apple from the Tree of Life benefits.
In the tale of Cockaigne (Grimm) grow anything you like in bomen.boom with silver and golden fruit

Heaven Tree
According to a Siberian saga was the beginning of the world, a single tree had no branches. God spoke: "A tree without branches is to see! I want nine branches grow. And so it happened. "At the foot of the tree with nine branches may be nine people, and these nine nations may arise. And so it happened.

Shaman fairy tale heroes and climb up trees to the sky. An internationally known fairy tale motif is climbing the tree soaring through a shaman or a fairy tale hero for God wish to nominate or to reap the benefits that youth and health business. When the shaman climbs a tree, he does it to the ancestors or God to consult. In the Frisian tale of the miracle, germinated it from a bean and grows to heaven.

The treasure in the tree
Paul Boskabouter
In many fairy tree house estimate. In Swan stick to (Grimm) is a young man among the roots of a tree, a goose with golden feathers.
In the fairy tale The strike-a-light (Andersen) is down a soldier in a hollow tree off to a witch to retrieve a treasure.
The spirit in the bottle (Grimm), the magic bottle hidden under the roots of a tree. The finder receives a piece of mind that promotes healing.

The tree that defies anyone to a showdown
With six in the whole world (Grimm) pulls a man out of the trees if the ground cornstalks were.
The smart Brave little tailor (Grimm) were among the powerhouse arises, get the giant bear a heavy tree trunk while he lies down on the branches.

Tree Fruits
Snow can be tempted by an evil queen in a poisoned red apple to bite.
The legend of William Tell shooting an apple from the father of his son's head, a nice piece of precision. In the Celtic myth of the Isle of Avalon has a king three sons. The son who brings him the golden apple, the father may succeed.
In the biblical myth of Adam and Eve eating the Paradise of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, an apple with the result that they be expelled from Paradise.
In Greek mythology, Hera, the wife of Zeus, the monitoring of the golden apple (the fruit of immortality) to the Hesperides, 3 beautiful nymphs, and the hundred-headed dragon entrusted. The strong hero Hercules Atlas God gave this command to steal apple. That worked. Yet Hercules could not keep the apple, because he belonged to the gods and had to be brought to the secret garden of the gods.
Gnomes, nymphs and other creatures tree
Elves living in hollow oaks. The Gnome Rien Poortvliet live among the roots of a tree. According to Greek mythology ash inhabited by nymphs.
Dryads are figures from Greek mythology. They are tree nymphs in beautiful, young women seem. Dryads are elemental forces, but not immortal. Once the tree with which they are connected to die, they die. Dryads punish those who break branches or damage their trees.
One of the most famous tales is that of the Greek dryad Driope. There are a number of legends about her writing. One is that she was deceived by the sun god Apollo. They had a son by him named Amphissus. She was then turned into a tree.
The English writer, in his Tolkien trilogy The Lord of the Rings trees that can walk and move, the Ents, to battle against the army of evil.

According to a German legend, a man went to the woods to cut a tree. When he was finished, he heard someone cry in despair: "You have destroyed my house!" The man took pity on the creature wailing and promised him that he was now in his house could live under the stairs. When he got home, his wife notified that a ghost pans and dishes from the kitchen slammed. The man replied, "That's OK. I will make sure that the weather is calm. "What he did? He just nailed the space under the stairs close. Since there was peace again in the house. Wu Gang the moon
In Taiwan, people celebrate the moon festival in mid-September with delicious pastries and fruit. It is based on the tradition to honor the moon goddess and her thanks for the good harvest. At night the family together to watch the full moon. Here one sees the shadow of Wu Gang, a man who tried to fell a cassiaboom. According to legend, Wu Gang forester who wanted to achieve immortality per se. This irritated the immortals such that it links to the moon, Wu Gang, he could only return to earth when he cassiaboom huge growth on the moon, was felled. Although he worked day and night, he could not because it was a magic tree. Wu Gang is therefore still on the moon and if you look closely you can see him struggling.

Legend of the woodworm on the mysterious Nazca lines in the Peruvian highlands
A long time ago, met the woodworm on how they could get people attention. They came up with something and meet in large numbers at the edge of the forest with a large plain of clay. They were planning to create a memorial for wood worms. It had a very large city with hundreds of streets and squares. Fifty years or more have worked on this wood worms. She edges and grooves. When they had built enough roads, helped the 'big worm Lima' gnaw at the trees. The rest of the war work of sun and time. Nazca Lines
The trees are turned to dust. The sun has baked the clay so that he looks at rock bottom. No one can live there, and there are no wood worms more .....

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