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Holy bossen

Trees have the ability to perceive in what areas they can grow strong and feel good. They have knowledge of the mysterious forces of the earth, from which lines pass through the earth.
Our ancestors used their knowledge of trees at certain places to build cult places, especially at the intersections of lines. Assyrian sacred tree
Forests were important cult places. Unfortunately, many of these holy places by priests and missionaries in the name of God destroyed.
Means very holy, so the forest is sacred because it keeps balance in the world. With the increasing deforestation of the continents, in fact we saw off the branch on which we sit. Without forests die life.
In India, each tribe or village had a sacred tree. The three Hindu gods Brahma (the creator), Vischnoe (the custodian) and Shiva (the Destroyer) are the three main tribes of the world tree. Prince Siddhartha (Buddha later) chose an old Pippala tree (Ficus religiosa) in his last stages of his enlightenment. Later it was the bodhi tree, the tree of enlightenment, a symbol of Buddhism. Today there are still sacred trees in India India.boomverering
In Japan, the ancient temples of oergodsdienst (Shinto) trees. Over time altars were added.

The European pre-Christian Druids had sacred groves. The essence of the Druid teachings, the power of words, spoken and written. This power came from the forest: the Bardic alphabet tree.
Like the Kabbalah oudjoodse each letter means a power line in the world or of life. The letters of the alphabet tree Old Irish names, which embody different aspects of being. The Celtic and Germanic languages ​​to learn, know and wisdom are closely associated with words for forest and tree (eg beech, book, Buchstabe letter in German). The druids were so forest - tree or knowing.

Also in the Baltic and Slavic peoples were the main forest areas for their religion. Christian missionaries have always tried to destroy these places.
The main shrine in ancient Greece was not the temple but the Sacred Grove. In the heart of the Acropolis stood the sacred olive trees. It was a place that had persecuted asylum, much later by the Christian churches were arrested. The Greek gods are all derived from nature spirits and were therefore sacred forests. Apollo BV laurel forest was honored among the myrtle tree Aphrodite, Pan in pine forests. Zeus lived in an oak tree in the oak grove of Dodona. It was an oracle tree and almost as famous as the oracle of Delphi. As the man spoke to the tree and the tree to the man.
For priests in ancient Greece was the letter Y a "sacred character" because his upward-pointing branches of a tree represents.
The cross of Christ was early compared with a mighty tree. So it was very stupid of Boniface in the 8th century, he demonstratively left the famous oak of Odin sheets rather than with Christ in this connection to make. Later, the Franciscan Bonaventure wrote his treatise "On the Tree of Life" in which he motivated Christians, the giant trees to honor. Boniface let the sacred oak sheets

Giant tree embody not only life (some yews and sequoias are more than 2000 years old), but also the power of recognition. In the Bible Adam and Eve to the "tree of knowledge 'eat to find out who they are and who God is. The result is that they be expelled from Paradise. Similarly in the ancient Iranian mythology about the Greek and the Horn tree apple tree in the garden of the Hesperides. Archaic heroes move especially among giant trees when they are fighting a monster like Gilgamesh or Siegfried under the big lime tree in the battle with the dragon. After he has conquered, he bathes his body in dragon's blood to be invulnerable. But a lime leaf falls from the tree on his back which causes a vulnerability he later fatally injured by Hagen.
Giant tree planting is good and evil. They are fate.
Jesus uses the image of the metaphor as "barren fig tree. Artists often have the tragedy and the threat of giant trees based pictured: Jacob Ruisdael almost dead with avenue trees and heather or Caspar David Friedrich and his monstrous specimens.
Giant trees are also found in Christian art from the Middle Ages. Along the cathedral doors of Nantes, Chartes and Amiens eg proliferates as the Tree of Life in the jungle. Also in the altarpieces of the 'Our Lady' in Krakouw (Poland) and the wooden ceiling of St. Michael in Hildesheim (Germany), we see huge roots and bladwerk.Gilgamesj after his journey through the dark
The colorful stained-glass windows of Chartres, St.Kunibert in Cologne and the "Ulmer M√ľnster" we see branches and leaves weeldrige garlands.

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