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North America
In the year 1701 in Montreal was called the Great Peace Treaty signed. This would be the conflicts between Indian tribes and the Canadian government end. For endorsement and as a symbol was Weymouthden (Pinus strobus), White Pine, planted with the words: Tree of Peace

I plant the tree of peace-
the big one -
I bury it under all the instruments of war.
It has branches that unfold
and continue to grow,
and the white roots span the globe.

Since then the world peace trees planted, coupled with non-violence projects.
The Weymouthden as Vredesboom is also in the Indian art an important motive.

In the Europe of the ancient olive tree symbolizes peace. The Romans dedicated to Jupiter, the olive tree, olive tree to the Greeks Athene.oude
Zeus and Poseidon Athens challenges in order to bring him gifts with the goal Attica peninsula. Poseidon turns a horse, Athens an olive tree. Zeus chooses the gift of Athens, the symbol of peace, and plant the olive tree in the back of the Acropolis. After the temple by Jerez, king of the Persians, was fired (480 BC), arose from the ashes of the olive tree a new plant, which all trees in and around the city of Athens descended. From there, they conquered the entire Mediterranean.
The Koran, the sacred olive tree is described as a tree. The light from the burning oil was symbolic of the light of heaven.
In the Bible, the olive tree is an important place. The dove that Noah sent from the Ark was returned with an olive leaf in its beak, indicating dry land that had fallen and there was again peace between God and man. Peace Dove
In the third book of the Bible, Leviticus, is given a recipe for a meal offering in honor of Javeh: flour mixed with olive oil and incense.
In the visual arts of the Renaissance, the relationship between Christ and the olive tree reflected in the proclamation, the proclamation of the Archangel Gabriel to Mary that she will give birth to a child. The angel beside a lily often an olive branch in hand.
Officials of the Catholic Church, the olive tree, symbolizing peace, often planted on their travels.

Shown below the tree was planted to mark the Sri Chinmoy Oneness Peace Home 1991.Vredesboom run in Brussels
He is meant to symbolize the desire of man for peace, both inner peace and make peace among themselves. He was planted with the desire, he may grow as the world.
Planted in France, after the Revolution of 1789 sixty thousand trees as symbols of peace and freedom.
The tree, symbolizing peace, is also known in Africa. For example, in Cameroon the Dracaena (ou yap nkeng sfeguem), the dragon tree, the Vredesboom. Dracaena in The Netherlands we only as a houseplant. But in his country of origin does he look like the picture hieronder.Drakenbloedboom
In Cameroon, these trees twins born to mothers who have shaken. In this way the community has made mistakes, corrected.
Elsewhere in Africa, where no dragon trees, the leaves of the palm tree symbolizes peace.

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