Monday, August 29, 2011

Citrus utilization

With citrus you can find many useful things
Citrus can be very useful in many cases:
Sometimes I have a bit of lemon or orange on. What can I do about it?
If you pour orange juice over your strawberry, red fruit flavors that taste even better.
Very sour oranges taste a little sweeter when you add some salt.
The peel of both oranges and unsprayed lemons can preserve.
If you cook eggs, put some lemon in the water, then they do not play.
If you add lemon juice to charcoal, you prevent a long cabbage smell hangs in the house.
Add some lemon juice to the rice you are cooking. Thus he is pretty dry and beautifully white.
Bananas, apples and mushrooms do not fade when you pour lemon juice over.
Take a look a little lemon juice into the water you use for ice cubes. This gives a refreshing taste to your drink.
Wilted lettuce bring you back to life by him in water with a little lemon juice to explain.
A geutje lemon juice in the baking butter, prevents the fish from falling apart. The fish bakes therefore not stuck in your pan.
Keep the peel of unsprayed lemons and oranges in the freezer. Frozen, you can easily grated. They taste good in cake, if you do not give much of the fruits used inside, because the taste is slightly bitter.
Put the juice of half a lemon in a cup of sweet, strong coffee. According to ancient books that will help a hangover.
An ancestral recipe for the need for liquor to reduce a late untreated orange peel with a few sprigs of parsley simmer for fifteen minutes. You have to drink seven and then let it cool. Then pour into a bottle and take every morning a small sip.

Can I also use my citrus body care?
Greasy hair treatment is best by lemon juice to the last rinse add.
Nicotine stains on fingernails disappear rubbing with lemon.
And if you rub a lemon on your teeth, they are beautifully white again after a while.

My grandmother often used citrus in the house but I can not remember what.In the household does wonders with the lemon cleaning of bronze, copper, silver, marble and rust.
Take it a piece of lemon in the dishwater. This creates a shiny and soft water service.Aluminum cookware to be completely clean again, if you water with a squirt of lemon juice to boil.
A jamvlek is quicker way if you have some lemon on spritst. But let it not be too long in a lemon-colored garment down. Lemon bleaches the color out.
Orange stains you get the easiest way with vinegar. Thoroughly with water rinse.
Whites are nice and white again, if you add some lemon to the rinsing water. You may also be a canvas bag filled with slices of lemon was the stabbing.
A dirty sponge is clean again, if you rinse it in water with lemon.
A slice of lemon in the flower vase makes the flowers last longer-lasting, because the water stays fresher.
A nasty smell in your home can eliminate a piece of dried orange peel on a metal plate to burn.

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