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protective Holly

Holly Berries are everywhere in the world where this tree grows, as Christmas decorations used. The ancient Romans have been decorated with holly branches their gifts during the Saturnalia (festival in honor of Saturn and the winter solstice of December 17 to 23). Mythological significance of the holly, especially in old England from the Celts. The Druids decorated their huts with holly branches to the 'sylvan spirits "(forest spirits) to honor.

According to an ancient Christian legend germinated under a holly the footsteps of Jesus. His actual leaf spot (the thorns) and orange-red berries (blood) predicted the sufferings of the holy man. In several European countries called Holly "Christ thorn. In an old English church calendars, the Christmas Eve night described as the 'Templa exornantur' which means' (with holly branches) decorated churches "because. This custom still exists.

Mythological holly is associated with the spirit of vegetation and the forces of nature, represented by the Holly King (Holly-king). The Holly King rules over nature from midsummer to midwinter. In a fight he is fresh low by his brother, the Oak-King (oak-king), who reigns over the following seasons. The Holly King is often depicted as an old man winter clothes with a hulsttak on his head and a holly staff in his hand. He symbolizes peace, reflection and learning, while the Oak King, growth, healing, and new development projects symbolizes. This is probably the same archetype in which the Green Knight from Arthurian legend based is.Holly-King

According to an ancient Celtic tradition holds during midwinter a young man with holly branches, while a young woman does the same with ivy (opposite of the female holly). Hand in hand they parade through the streets where they send off the old year and welcome the new year. This symbolizes the fruitful interaction of the goddess and the god in the darkest time of year. The new light of the sun god appears to control the growth of new vegetation in the coming years to encourage.

Holly King and Santa Claus

In the course of time changed the Holly King St. Nicholas (Santa Claus, Pere Noel, Weihnachtsmann). The original meaning of reflection is lost to time. Today is all about gifts. Nature plays no role. It is usually seen as pagan. Holly branches are still used particularly for Christmas items. The red berries among the dark green of the leaves are beautiful. I think it would make sense if we realize that with the holly branches of the ancient sacred Celtic tree of peace and protection in your home.

In Scotland, the Gaelic name for the holly 'Chuillin. He was a symbol of the local clan McLean clan.

In Germanic and Norse mythology holly was the sacred tree of the thunder gods Thor and Taranis. Oak-King

Magical Applications

The Roman Pliny the Elder physicist advises in his "Naturalis Historia" to a holly near your home or farm to plant to lightning and witchcraft would keep at a distance. It is now scientifically proven that the veins of the holly leaves act as a kind of lightning and the lightning tree store. This is particularly true for those objects that are nearby.

Holly flowers would prevent freezing of water. With holly wood would be a wild animal can force to stay at a distance and eventually leave. It was forbidden to cut down a holly. It was allowed to cut branches. holly flowers

When the Victorian-times over for a Christmas tree was then referred to it a holly.

Holly branches that were hung inside, protected the family for malicious fairies.

At the holly were traditionally ascribed protective properties. A holly next to your house for lightning protection and evil wizards. A dangerous wild animal was chased by a hulsttak to throw at him. A holly sprig in your pocket brought happiness to all men, because as a male holly tree was seen, while the ivy feminine. Holly leaves under your pillow made sure that your dreams came.

According to ancient Celtic druids advised the stories holly branches in order to get home to elves and fairies in it to house that would facilitate life for the residents.

Holly symbolizes death (winter) and rebirth (spring), but also beauty, immortality, peace, goodness and health. It can be used to dying a peaceful sleep. He kanvoor ensure peaceful dreams.

The wood of the holly is burning very hot. His charcoal was used for forging swords, knives and other hard and sharp tools. For the Celts, the blacksmith who could forge such tools, a magician. Therefore associated the druids holly with fire. Green Knight


In the Celtic alphabet Holly Ogan "pinnacle" known as "fire" means derived from the word "Tinder". This word goes back to Holly's timber which is in the fire of old forges used.

Even in Shakespeare plays a role in the holly. In his play "As You Like It," let him sing the following:

Heigh ho! sing heigh ho! unto the green holly:

Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly:

Then, heigh ho, the holly!

This life is most Jilly. "

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