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Across the world there are trees in relation to the spiritual development of people. What is so special about trees in the past a central place in the world of people occupied? Archeology and mythology give us a global view hiervan.kaballistische Life
The tree is primarily a perfect symbol for life itself. With its roots in the earth, he has contact with the underworld. With its branches reaching up to heaven. He is a mediator between gods and mensen.Es, the World Tree, Tree of Life
Furthermore, the Tree of Life symbolizes eternal life: the budding in spring, lush growth in the summer, and fall fruits in autumn and the rest during the winter. The circle is round year after year.
In some African myths, man is born from a tree. In the esoteric Kabbalah of the Jews are the key symbols Sephirot. They embody the attributes of the divine. The fruit, in a certain order to the hanging tree of life. The connections between them represent the phases of the soul's journey to eternity. Buddha became enlightened under a bodhi tree, traditional symbol of the world axis.

For Shiite Muslims, is the tree that rises above the seven heavens, the symbol of hakikat, a happy state in which man becomes one with the highest reality.
In Hinduism, God, source of life, the root of the tree trunk and branches while the oldest communities close to symbolize the spiritual standing. The leaves are a symbol of humanity.
The chaos of many different religions threatened to suffocate the tree of life. But the tree scattered its seeds, which contain the essence of the divine, so that a new tree could Celtic Tree of Life
Life really is a paradoxical symbol, because with his roots, he gets his strength from the earth while the man power of the divine (the sky) well. In some images, the tree of life upside down, eg In the Vedic texts. There is an inverted tree whose roots cosmos to the heavens and whose branches grow in the earth. In many cultures the birth of a child, plant a tree. Child and trees grow together. The welfare of one is linked to that of the other. In parts of Asia, sometimes a tree beside a spring. Its branches are covered with handkerchiefs. They were hanged there by infertile women in the hope still pregnant.
Bride and groom from the plant in South India Drawiden a male and a female tree together. They are protected by a fence so they can prosper and grow fruits in the hope that fertility also to the young couple will radiate.
The Tree of Life as an ornament found in windows of farms, especially in windows above the front door. There he would ward off evil spirits.

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