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sweet cherries Wild cherry

Sweet cherry - Prunus avium
Sweet Cherry - Prunus avium (Bosker or boskriek)
Cherry wild cherry tree is a deciduous, in forests can grow to a height of 20 m. It is the ancestor (or - mother) of many species and cultivated cherry blossoms in late April with snow-white five-petalled flowers. He wears small sweet cherries in the fall colored leaves and beautiful red. It is a beautiful forest - and park tree.
NamingPrunus is the Latin word for plum and cherry in the same family. The addition avium means loved by the birds.
Distribution and locationThe cherry is native to Europe, western Siberia, Caucasus, North Africa and Asia Minor. He grows on light places in lowlands and mountains (the Alps up to 1700 m), deciduous forests, woodland edges, roadsides, in hedgerows, preferably on moist, free deep nutrient-rich, calcareous clay soil. But we are against him on sandy soils.
The cultivated sweet cherries are the result of selection by this species.
Plant CharacteristicsCherries to 25 m tall deciduous trees with a short trunk and a rounded crown. When the trees are close together, they have a long stem without branches and a high crown. The rather stiff branches are angled outward and upright stand.
The leaves are elliptical and double-cut. At the bottom are those dewy hairs. At the petiole are two red, partly yellow glands.The decorative flowers come together with the leaves from mid-April. They are in screen-like bundles together. The flowers are long stemmed and ambiguous.
This develop small, light - red or black stone fruit (cherries) with a smooth, nearly spherical seed. The flesh is bittersweet. The cherries are very popular with birds also spread concern.
First the bark is smooth, shiny gray or reddish brown, with transverse strips flaking, later, black gray and furrowed.Kriek rejuvenates easily from seed, but also by root storage.
UseThe wood has pale pink sapwood reddish brown to pale orange around a core. The wood resembles mahogany and is used in the furniture and objects that require a straight borehole, such as pipes and musical instruments.

"Birds do want to eat cherries, but not plant trees.
"With her it's bad eating cherries".
"If you gentlemen to eat cherries, cut them with the seeds."
"Eat cherries when they are offered.
UsePreviously, the resin of the cherry as a remedy for cough using. The steal of the fruit were boiled and used as a remedy for colds. Be prepared from the bark a cure for flatulence and bronchitis. The juice of the fruit promotes blood formation and blood pressure increases.
"Kirsch" is an alcoholic drink that promotes digestion. Less known is its use in outer gout, rheumatism and heart disease.
The seeds contain cyanide, a strong poison. A bag filled with heated cherry stones, helps against a stiff neck.
ProtectionBoskrieken make an important contribution to the natural values ​​of the forest: the blade quickly decompose the flowers and fruits are important for many species. Even as an old fruit boskriek must be protected.
Rosaceae - Rose Family
In other languages:

Prunus avium (botanical name)
Wild cherry (English)
Cerisier des oiseau, Merisier (French)
S├╝├čkirsche, Vogelkirsche, Wildkirsche (German)

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