Friday, September 2, 2011

small fruit

Small fruit
Small fruitThe Flandria soft fruit segment contains the following berries:Red and white berries, prickly berries, blackberries, blackcurrants and raspberries.
UseWash the fruit in cold water. Not under running water because the fruit can be damaged. Drain in a colander. then quickly consume or process.Afrissen bunch of currants with a fork, and the berries of the prickly stems removed.Raspberries and blackberries in the crowns only remove it after washing to avoid loss of juice.

AvailableRed berries are available from March until the end of the year. July and August are the peak months.Raspberries are commercially available in the month of April to December. Top supply in the summer months.Spine Berries are available in the months of May through August. The main season is situated in the month of July.Blackberries are supplied from April to December. We know the largest supply in July and August.

StoreFor soft fruit can be purchased only glossy firm fruit. They should not be crushed because the custody than just very short. Store the fruit in the fridge, but spread them out on a plate or dish to a dense packing because of the bruised fruits quickly and can become moldy and rot. Longer storage is of the evil.
NutritionalSoft fruit is rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants, substances that protect the body against cancer.
Kinds of small fruit:Or currants Ribes rubrum
Red and white currants

more than 10 fruits per cluster
very frequently in fruit size.
The bunches are in the same direction.
All ripe fruits are uniform.

more than 5 fruits per truss.
very uniform in fruit size.
The fruits are placed in one direction.
completely free of bruises and rot.
All ripe fruits are uniform.

are very uniform in fruit size.
100% well formed.
All fruits have the same color and uniform ripening.
are completely free of bruises.
very neat presentation, all in the same direction.
Gooseberries grow
Spine Berries

very uniform in fruit size.
care presentation.
completely free of bruises and mold.
All ripe fruits are uniform.

are intact and undamaged.
have been carefully picked or cut.
are healthy and free from damage caused by pests or disease.

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