Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pear Varieties

Popular pear varieties
The peer is closely related to the apple. It was the Romans who spread the fruits of Europe.You can flash divided into two categories: pears and pears. Pears ripen at room temperature after hand and then becoming softer and more tender. Pears you can not eat raw and are therefore more like a vegetable.
Popular pears:The most common type is the Conference pear. This slim, bronzed-green pear turns slightly yellow when mature. The juicy, sweet, white flesh with its delicate taste is more yellow as the fruit matures.The Doyenne du Comice pear is called the queen because of her white, juicy and very sweet taste. This pear has a yellow green color with a brownish red.The Durondeau, a typical autumn pear, is ideal as a cooking pear. The raw bronze skin turns gold when mature, the white flesh has a distinctive, slightly sharp taste.
Popular pears:

Gieser Wildeman peer is the small brown and yellow with a lot of rust. It is a very good, slightly sweet pear with stone cells by grainy flesh. When red wine, the color red pear for cooking.
Brederode peer is dull green with little rust and sun side to brown slightly red. The flesh is white and has a grainy sweetness.
Purchasing / QualityBuy pears are best when still firm. You can always go further pears ripen in the refrigerator. Pears must not have brown spots.
StoreYou can pears several days in the refrigerator or a cool place. Pears are about 1 week. To accelerate ripening, stop the pears in an opaque paper bag at room temperature.A pear is ripe when the fruit with a slight pressure around the stalk resists.
PrepareA ripe pear is fine to eat out of hand, the fruit was good for use.You can also peel the fruit and cut into sections. But beware: you do throw the peel away valuable fiber. Furthermore, peeled pears quickly turn brown, you can avoid them by sprinkling with a little lemon juice. You can eat a pear out of hand or cut into segments and then you remove the core. For use in food is the ideal conference.
Pears Hand fit at any time of day. Pears to be about 3-4 hours slowly cooked in water or red wine with a cinnamon stick and a piece of lemon peel. Peel pears and cook them whole or halved, depending on size. The pears fade to pink / red on cooking, this is caused by a natural process.
Nutritional / HealthEating a juicy sweet pear seems emotionally high in calories to produce. The sugar content of a pear is as high as that of the apple. a pear contains less fruit acids, so the sweeter taste like.

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