Sunday, September 4, 2011

kinds of nuts

Hazelnuts, walnuts and chestnuts do well in the garden.
NutsNuts are also among the fruit crops. Hazelnut and walnut (or walnut) do well in our climate. Chestnut wears better in a warmer climate. Nuts for small gardens on the large side.
HazelHazel (Corylus avellana) is a shrub that is several meters high and wide. For a wind hedge, as boundary and bird bushes is a beautiful shrub mix. Special fruit varieties questions cross-pollination. 'Webb's Prize Cob' gives a lot of great notes on a small shrub.

The hazel grows on any ground and tolerate considerable shade.
Can a regular basis to be pruned close to the ground as coppice.
Nuts Keep refrigerated after drying.
WalnutWalnut or walnut (Juglans regia) is a beautiful tree, which the Romans brought from Asia Minor. This tree is common on river dikes and farms.
Walnut is ripe when the shell cracks.
Several varieties of walnut fruit for sale, including 'Broadview' and 'Buccaneer'. Both have a relatively modest growth, so about 15 m² is sufficient. This is also the soil together.

The leaves give a bruise in the heat and aromatic dust, the name has flies and mosquitoes at bay.
Under planting of walnut is not always successful by shade and drought, but also because the material that roots secrete juglone.
The walnut grows best on clay or loamy, rich soil and requires full sun. Prune as little as possible, only in the summer. Harvesting the green shell burst, dry and cool place.
Sweet chestnutChestnut (Castanea sativa) is free flowers to decorate the tree until June. As a result, the chestnuts of this tree a short growth period in our climate and often without husks. Usually grows on sandy chestnut tree-like and only a few meters high and wide.
Somewhere warm and damp, humus-rich or sandy loam soil is best for the chestnut.Pruning is not necessary! chestnuts, origin, name, attributes, types, use of wood and chestnuts
Culinary tip!Roasted or roasted chestnut is very tasty. Boil or simmer and puree with butter and sugar: for with game, poultry, or sprouts. Remove the brown sheet, which is bitter.

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