Saturday, September 3, 2011

Walnuts - Walnuts

Walnuts: medicinal uses and recipes with walnuts in the kitchenWalnuts I have a nut, walnuts (Juglans regia L.) with you to crackIntroductionProbably our walnuts or walnut tree from Central Asia. The Romans would have brought him to Europe. This impressive tree with its thick, wrinkled bark feels here in Europe, at home. He likes warm and sunny slopes, but that is not really necessary. He has a whole layer of fertile soil needed, because its roots can be up to 3 meters deep. The roots grow sideways up to 15 meters far ahead. Reflect So first you start thinking a walnut in your garden to plant.Walnuts in the pharmacy cabinetOn the yellowed pages of popular medical records say that the partitions of the walnuts would be good for pain in the heart. In a cup of water you had five walnut partitions and cook one minute more than 15 minutes to draw. An elderly gentleman from nearby smokers drank this tea at his empty stomach complaints. He claimed to benefit from it.In ancient medical books state that after most fish eat nuts. With their heat and power tie it moisture and distribute them the tough mucus in the digestive tract.For men who are no longer the 'potency services' these advice: do okkernotentinctuur 6 drops in a glass and drink it empty just before bedtime. You never know.Walnuts Leaves were ancestral shoes a boon for burning, aching feet.Cooking with walnutsWalnut Cottage cheese toastI treat my family with a regular nut cheese toast. I cut this 50 g of walnuts into large pieces. I grill them briefly in the oven, but make sure not to brown or burn. In the first case, the nuts taste bitter. And when they burn, they do not eat.I stir in 1 tablespoon liquid honey 100 g of cottage cheese and 1 tablespoon milk, then go underneath the nuts. Meanwhile, toast my husband, he can just, toos little dark bread. The nuts-rhapsody-quark is very easy to smear on toast. From that moment you hear nothing for five minutes in our house. And that's a unique situation. The neighbors are always asking if something is amiss. They get some toast and therefore we enjoy together is five minutes of silence ...PortoDo you make yourself postage? No problem! The following recipe from Jos Putzeis tastes delicious.Cheap dry white wine 1 liter, 5 liters of red wine, 1 liter of alcohol 96 degrees. 1 kg of sugar candy, 15 green, immature walnuts, chopped into two pieces, (as long as you can by stabbing with a darning needle, they are good). 200 ml of orange concentrate and a vanilla pod lengthwise cut in half. Allow three months are up. Otherwise, too much tannin-free and then the postage wryly. Regularly shake, otherwise the sugar will crystallize. Filtering, in bottles and corks do. If you own wine making, brew your own 'you can use for this recipe.Do not forget! Every two days the pot (s) Shake or stir the mixture. More ... better. After Christmas postage and filter tests.Walnuts FactsLeaves with walnuts were Celts and Germans bad odors from their home. She rubbed the leaves into small pieces and burned them. Walnuts smell spread very rapidly. Especially in the children's hospital room and there was thus a pleasant scent.Folk wisdom dictates that the insects under a walnut tree are very uncomfortable. You will often find they do not. Some clever people are trying to browse the walnuts to keep mosquitoes at bay. They underestimate the 20th-century mosquitoes, because they are much smarter and withdraw from walnut leaves not much longer.If you want to treat spots on wood furniture, rub the flesh than once over the walnut. Previously they took notes on wood cabinets with high gloss.With walnuts, you can extract the color of your hair some updating. You pick a handful of green walnut shells. You pour water and let boil 15 minutes. Your cool and you sift out the walnut shells. Wash your hair and rinse off the shampoo. Use the infusion as a second rinsing agent and allow at least 10 minutes. If you tan lasts for at least ...

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