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Vegetables for your garden

fruit from the garden

Vegetables for your garden

What's better than picking fruit in your own garden? Eat natural. Fit in any garden a fruit tree or shrub. What is it, a nest egg? Whether you dream of a fully laden plum tree? Even a balcony provides opportunities. Put a currant standing in a large pot and plant strawberries under there. With fruit in the garden all year through something to do.

Fruit crops are not only delicious and healthy but also beautiful. In early spring they do not blossom for their ornamental plants. An apple or pear tree in the garden alone is therefore an attractive choice. Cherry blossoms too rich, white.

If the summer has just officially begun, early varieties of strawberry and ripe currant. It's great to smell the ripe fruit to pick and eat warm from the summer sun. In August summer ripening apples such as 'James Grieve'. With fruit trees and shrubs are a feast for the eyes.

In October and November are the last fruit harvested as store apples and pears, kiwi and medlar. For the garden are like autumn raspberries' Zefa Herbsternte "attractive. By fruit-bearing strawberries until the frost. Some fruit crops have a beautiful autumn colors. Blueberry or bilberry American (Vacciniuin corvmbosum) discolors beautiful orange before the leaves fall.

If the fruit crops have become bald, it's time for winter chores such as pruning and tying. When the grape must happen in December. Shortly after the New Year falls in the garden again new life to be found, even with the fruit. The hazel blooms first. Hazel is one of the notes. These are also the fruit plants counted. In January, the male flowers, cats, clouds, yellow pollen release. Who keeps fruit or processed into delicious jams and juices, is there in winter enjoy. They are wonderful memories of the summer.

Trees and shrubs can be used as a solitary well. Such a single tree or shrub provides striking accent in the garden. A hedge of fruit may also, or rather a sort of mixed. A pergola can also be fruitful, just think of the grape or kiwi. Furthermore, many, fruit suitable for making them trained trees. They can, as it were flat against a wall or fence to grow. They take up little space in this way, an ideal solution for small gardens. A row of trained trees can also act as a hedge "on legs, beneath which can be examined.
Most fruits are easy to combine into an ornamental garden. An apple (or half-high strain) on the lawn all year round beautiful. A shaded terrace, a grape that is both beautiful, tasteful and practical. Already feel like a vegetable garden?

Planting Fruit Tips

     Plant in the fall after leaf drop or in spring before the tree or shrub begins to run.
     Put trees and shrubs never deeper than they have been at the nursery.
     The groundwater must be at least 70 cm deep.
     Make a large hole, add compost, not manure.
     Of a fruit tree with a certification label or photo label you can be sure of the variety and rootstock.

Fruit Pruning Tips

     Pruning too much, only the branches to see.
     Pay attention to pruning to preserve the shape (crown, shrub).
     Prunus species may only be summer pruning.
     Grape pruning in December, shoots summer trim.
     Thinning is a part of branches or fruit removal for better lighting.

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