Friday, September 2, 2011

Leif Square and climbing vegetables

Leif Square and climbing vegetables provide much fruit on a small area

Climbing fruit and leif window from the garden:

Fruit from our garden! Delicious! In a small garden can be. Against walls and fences (preferably on the south) to great success with apple, pear, peach and plum are grown as an espalier. And if there is no wall can be of wire mesh or rebar stakes between mats is also a beautiful frame to be made ​​from the fruit branches to bind. The main advantage of trained trees is that they have little ground space and lots of questions fruits. This also applies to fruit-producing vines, such as grape, kiwi, blackberry and Japanese wineberry. That you can even pergolas, gazebos and other structures grow. Imagine summer sit in the shade of the grape leaves sit and enjoy the masses fruits ripen over your head. Mediterranean life in your own garden!

Espaliered formsEspaliered forms of fruit trees are always cut in a flat plane, usually vertical, but it can also horizontally. Think of a mulberry in roof shape (actually called a tree shape) or apple branches along a path through slats be led. This is called the table form. Leip them are often in a tight V-or U-shaped cut. In a fan shape, the central leader (the extended stem) and cut away the branches are tied into fan shape. In a palmette central leader who is still in there. With a cord, the central leader and held the strong side shoots pruned. The diagonal placement of cords inhibits growth and promotes fertility. Planted as a row of wires called a cordon. There are more espaliered forms, often you can buy already made. When pruning, it comes to as many fruiting wood (often short branches on the trunk or branches) to maintain or form. Let it happen once by a professional, you know how.
The best typesIn apples (Malus) as cord must be routed to the fruit year-old wood are formed. This can be done with 'Jonathan' and 'Golden Delicious', but there are many more breeds. Most pear varieties (Pyrus) can be well lead. Mulberries (Morus, white, purple or deep pink fruit) are fine trained trees, like peaches, nectarines and even apricots and almonds. Also prune, injure, kroosjespruimen and cherries are great. The latter are all Prunus species. Enough choice. And there are climbers, such as grape, kiwi, Japanese wineberry (Rubus phoenicolasius), blackberries, climbing roses (bottels!) still with. Even the fig is cut flat. And they all give delicious fruits, while most magnificent bloom.
Get expert advice on your choiceSome fruits, like many apple and pear varieties, are a different race as pollinator needed. That must be a breed that thrives and both prefer a variety that in turn by the first race can be fertilized. Also, not all fruit varieties are equally suitable for all soil types or all circumstances. That you should know. Be so good advice.
April Garden TipsVery important: the weeds remain. You'll have to mow grass every week again. It is an ideal time to plant ferns and box hedges it. Evergreen shrubs (with root) plants can now fine. Sprinkle peat in acid soil (heath) plants. You can now lavender and other herbal plants are cut back. High time to the pond in order to make. Dahlia tubers must now also into the ground. Nesting boxes are not cleaned? Do it as soon as they are not "occupied". No cutting hedges when birds nest.

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