Wednesday, September 21, 2011

chicken breeding

In spring there is also plenty to do in the henhouse. The hens lay back soon walk the fresh eggs and chicks back to show off the grass!
Make sure the early nesting hens all the care they desire by extra straw in the nest to be processed so that the risk of cooling of the eggs remains low.Also very important is the power of our chickens. A good, strong grain mixture is also recommended. The chickens have some chance to recuperate to avoid diseases. Provide enough greens occasionally as "chickweed and various grasses. Also a vitamin regimen can do wonders in chickens, ... you see them cheer.
Chickens and breed:Chickens are about to breed because their natural instinct demands it. Like every living creature they also have the urge to procreate and care for offspring.
Who has a broody hen, takes best into account the following factors.

Make sure your eggs in small bantam chickens hatch not let heavy breeds. There is danger of trampling the little chicks.
In chickens with feathers on its legs, we should be cut off to avoid when leaving the nest the hen makes the eggs.
In chickens as 'Cochin' and 'Brahma' must sometimes be cut down around the cloaca (vent hole) to promote fertilization.
Breed:If you have a breed that is fairly easy broody, you can quite easily on course to hatch. If one of your good broody hens, and so one day or all three of the little or no nest, is it best to separate from the rest and some lay eggs below.
The best put the them in a dark place.
Here are some features you can tell them that a brood is:

She stays on the nest and pick up the carer as he comes closer.

She puts her feathers open wide and makes a clucking sound.

If you give her an egg, she will hide under her.
Especially not too many eggs among them slide, otherwise the possibility that eggs and roll cool, so the embryo will die.
A broody hen eat and drink less, but still every day fresh water and a little corn feed demand. If the whole incubation process is successful then the chicks 21 days after the start of breeding from their hatching.

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