Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Repel cats from the garden

Repel cats from the garden: peaceful methods at a glance
What can I do cats in my garden?When we think of a cat than most people make a pretty cute creature for. How sweet and beautiful they are, some gardeners have at times a different picture of cats. Cats in small gardens can often be an eyesore. They dig wells, omgraven or destruction of plants, birds eat them or chasing away good, it can all be reasons for him to annoy bland. It should also be aware that if their cats in the garden stool fail causing a number of diseases can be transmitted to humans.
Here are a few tips to prevent these quadrupeds their smelly message behind your yard, without fighting to get their owners.
There are many methods and remedies that can ensure that cats choose their heels. As gardeners often are animal lovers, we try two birds with one stone and the garden to keep cats from using PLANTS:

More plants in your garden up so the ground is close up and no place to toss to the ground. Ground cover for cats to the garden so much less attractive.

Protect the plants by cats through some very popular plants in a corner of the garden. The cats will then only in the corner of their favorite plants stay and leave the rest of the garden feel.
If you lost your cat, you know immediately where you can find them.

Nepeta cataria (wild catnip)
Teucrium Marum (gama more)
(Ornamental) oats or another layer of soft grass
Alyssum pollen (seed shield)
Dianthus deltoides (Maiden Pinks)
Sagina (vetmuur)
the so-called cat grass
One can also plant in the garden where the cats hate it so they stay away from your garden.
Put these plants in strategic locations in your garden to the casual passerby to know that he is not welcome.
plants that lemon scent:

Macrorrhizum Geranium (Cranesbill)
Dictamnus (fireworks plant)
Aloysia triphylla (lemon verbena)
Ruta graveolens (rue) also helps to keep cats away.
May prickly thorn and fire strategically placed the cat does not sit.A lot of thorny branches of this shrubs in places where the cat enters your yard can also help. This may encourage the cats to go in another direction. Make sure that the cat is not just about to jump.
Another somewhat radical way to prevent the cats to use the garden as a litter box, tying prickly prunings between plants. Cats will not be happy among them. It does perhaps not as neat but it helps the estate of the unwanted cats road.
When they have a fixed angle to your yard as a toilet to use or they come into the garden through a fixed route, you can try here next home and kitchen remedies apply:

Sprinkle pepper on the spot where the cats go too far
A cup or bucket filled with water or a hose
This is a great environmentally friendly way to get cats to chase. It is obviously not a pleasant way for the cats but then an effective educational method.
sprinkle mothballs around the end
lemon peel between the plants
spreading grounds
This stinking coffee grounds will stick to the legs and the fur of the cat sitting. When the groom will find unpleasant, and she could not return them quickly.
A sufficiently high fence around the garden where they of course can not by

Deer Horn Oil
The pharmacist will do this for you if you promise to order the immediate entry to retrieve. It smells awful. Some branches dip into the oil or the oil on the branches make with an old toothbrush. Throw in the deer hear the treatment is not immediately brush off, you will see that the next morning all the hair off lying. The treated branches stitch here and there in the ground and the cats and the dogs stay away. Sticks with deer horn in oil-soaked rags can also stabbing the ground.
Watch out with this stuff because if you accidentally get some on your hands, there comes the first week no more metaphorical cat with you in the neighborhood.
Cocoa caps
This well help to protect against the use of your garden as a litter box. The cocoa shells will not chase cats. They find it less pleasant to walk on, but they will not stay away. You can buy bags of cocoa shells in garden centers or the do-it-yourself store.
After a rain stick the cocoa shells one kind of crust on the bottom become. At that time it has the following characteristics:
dig not good for cats
retains moisture
weeds comes only through hard
It gives nutrients to the soil / plant
it looks pretty nice.
Of course there are also many commercial remedies on the market to repel cats but they do not always work properly and after rain certainly not.
I hope that one of the above Fri humane methods ensure that you get started in the ground any unpleasant surprises to come.I wish you all already a carefree garden season.


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