Friday, September 2, 2011

medlar recipes

Medlar Recipes: medlar medlar compote and liquor
What can I do with the fruits of a medlar tree?

From this rather unusual fruits can make a drink.

Medlar Medlar Herbal Liqueur (Mespilus germanica L.)


     300 grams medlar (not cut up)

     300 g white sugar (otherwise you drink dark)

     Gin 1 liter of 38 degrees

     three cloves for each medlar.


Insert cloves into the medlar.
Put everything in a large glass jar. Add the other ingredients and let stand 3 months.
Then add the cloves out of the medlar and let stand for another three months.
You have to wait, but waiting to bring: a drink.


Medlar mousse or compote


     Medlars (enough for 1 liter boiled knitting)
     500 grams sugar jelly
     half a lemon
     one level teaspoon mixed spice


Compote sounds so common for this delicacy. For applesauce, apple pie, rice pudding, the Belgian cheese sandwich is the recipe of this ancient heavenly fruit described below:

Wash medlar soft and cut them into pieces.
Add a little water to prevent them sticking.
Allow to come to a boil.
Put them through a food mill (PasseVite)
Take 1 liter of brown mush and add 500 grams of sugar in jelly. The packaging of the sugar is 2 + 1 (two volumes of fluid and a quantity of sugar).
Add the juice of half a lemon.
If you want something sweeter, do you still fine ¼ kg sugar.
Add 1 small heaped teaspoon mixed spice and cook, as on the packaging state of the sugar, cook three minutes.
Fill jars filled, turn the screw lid and let cool.

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