Friday, September 2, 2011

Fruit and vegetables provide your condition

Still there is much research underway on the impact of fruit and vegetables on our health. Recent research shows that the role of fruits and vegetables play in preventing certain cancers, appears not as influential as once thought. One reason for the recommendations for fruit and vegetable to make adjustments?

Elise Naessens (nutritionist NICE) does not think so. It stresses the importance of adequate fruit and vegetables in our daily diet. There are convincing evidence found in the scientific literature.
Research shows that an increase in fruit and vegetable consumption of 200 g per day the overall cancer risk decreases by 4%. That is indeed less than was formerly thought, but still significant. In some cancers, the prevention factor higher: so would every additional 80 grams of fruit and vegetables a day reduce the risk of esophageal cancer by 9% decrease. A figure that it can count.

That vegetables and fruits protect the heart, remains absolutely true. On the contrary, recent research found that each additional daily intake of 80 g of fruit and vegetables reduce the risk of heart disease decreases by 4%. The impact of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables on the cardiovascular system, is good news for hedonists: a huge variety of delicious fruits and vegetables keep the heart young and strong body!
And thanks to their unique composition of fruits and vegetables play an important role in diseases such as obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and constipation.
The recommended daily 300 g of vegetables and 2 to 3 pieces of fruit to eat, remains a golden tip.
Mrs. Naessens therefore stresses the importance of adequate fruits and vegetables into our daily eating habits. Creative in the kitchen, a fruit platter middle of the table, a snack with fruit ...

Same time they noted the importance of variation within this range: for the health-promoting effect is probably due to a complex interaction between different vegetable and fruit components. Full range is essential to the health benefits of fruit and vegetables to enjoy. A useful tool for this is choosing seasonal products. Moreover, they are also good for the wallet.
Who eats according to the seasons, eat fresh, eat well and eat a varied diet.
A simple but brilliant idea!


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