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Chickens and their advantages and disadvantages.
To many homeowners who have never loved chickens or other poultry, is today the municipality or the intermunicipal proposal to these interesting animals to keep as waste processors. A brilliant idea, provided that a certain number of minimum conditions are met and that both parties, you and your chickens, there are happy with.
There are many good reasons to keep chickens.Every homeowner has their own reasons whether or not to opt for chicken. Maybe find yourself in one of the reasons below.

Chickens are good recyclers. More and more municipalities and intermunicipal steps in the collection of household waste in the system of tiered pricing (diftar). The garbage, industrial compost bin and container are getting more expensive. To plant your organic waste to the chickens feeding, obviously you do not have to pay.
Taking care of the chickens and observation strengthens your contact with nature. If you visit every day the animals are feeding them yourself, they teach you well know and are affectionate.
Chickens are lively and friendly animals that contribute to the color and beauty in the garden. Always in motion they scratch the day and bring them life in the garden. The kids love it. The care of animals teaches them responsibility, show respect for animals and care for nature.
Chickens are both cheap to buy and care of animals. As for the menu, it shall notify the chickens do not require, it is true omnivores. Besides a basic ration of cereal they eat with great enthusiasm to the table scraps of their hosts and the weeds and grass clippings like they pick a sprig of it.
You have a great deal of the year about your own fresh eggs.
There are beautiful, sometimes age-old chicken breeds including several very local originated in Flanders. Think of the Brakel, Brabants fowl and Malines. They lay eggs, although slightly less than modern laying strains recyclers but they also qualify. If you choose raskippen, help you up there to preserve these breeds.
Directed them to work, you can use chicken parts from the (pulp), garden snails and weed free. They help an undeveloped piece of land to keep clean.

Their manure contains nitrogen and other nutrients. Mixed with garden waste and processed into compost, is ideal for your garden plants.

But also keep in mind the following.
Not every garden is suitable for chicken, the first question you should ask is whether you have enough space to give to chickens. Too many chickens in a small area leads to odor. Limit the number of chickens so that you love. The fewer chickens, the more space per animal. Because chickens are social animals, be well to keep at least two. A flock of three chickens is ideal for the average family. Resist the temptation to foster farm to be grown for Easter chicks, broken bantam chickens and discarded elsewhere.
But chickens do not just need a run or walk outside. You will also need a solid binnenhok before they build shelter from the weather.

Chickens are birds and can fly, especially the small breeds and if they do not geleewiekt or curtailed, are able to fly. Chickens over the fence and fly into your vegetable garden or the neighbor who end up, do not have much time to make a battlefield out of it!

Chickens need attention
Like all pets have chickens attention. They should not just be fed. The eggs must be picked up and change the water in the loft should be mucked out regularly litter. Periodically, you should check them for parasites and if their condition deteriorates, you may have seen better in time.

What chickens eat?
This picks up the chicken next to her daily quota of essential mixed cereals:

    Peel and leaves of fruit and vegetables
    Stale bread
    Leftover prepared vegetable food: steamed vegetables, boiled potatoes, French fries, rice, pasta, remnants of soup, tomato seeds,
    courgettes and melons ...
    Garden: short weeds on the ground, tall weeds hung in bunches, some new-mown grass

This picks up the chicken does not

    Green potato parts, onion skins and leek leaves, peel bananas and citrus fruits, moldy fruit and bread, raw potato peelings and kiwi skins, bones, meats, greasy, spicy or salty food waste, meat and fish, cheese residue, prunings and Haagsch solder

Can you still on vacation?
With an automatic crib and a full water trough, the chickens without problem a few days home alone.
Are you going on vacation for a long time, then you should appeal to a neighbor regularly animals with food and drink, the eggs and keeping an eye on keeping.

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