Friday, September 2, 2011

Climbers like kiwi and grapes

Climbing fruit: kiwi and grapes
Vines: grape and kiwi
Grape and kiwi vines are high growth. This makes them suitable for a pergola, a conservatory or a shady terrace. On a warm, sheltered spot, the best fruit ripening. Climbers have - unlike leiplanten - a twisting growth habit (kiwi) or special tendrils with which they work their way up (grape). Yet tethering needed, because wind can give a lot of damage otherwise.
GrapeBy the turbulent growth of the grape (Vitus) requires this much space or more radical pruning. It is an ancient cultivated crop that grows quite easily and sufficiently hardy. For outdoor cultivation in our climate will be those varieties ripen sufficiently like the blue 'Boskoop Glory' and white 'Early van der Laan.
In a large conservatory, hobbykas or a terrace, a delicious grape growing, like the blue 'Frankenthaler' or yellow 'Golden Champion'.To get big grape bunches must be thinned, or as beautiful as it is called gekrent. Cut when the grapes as big as a pea, about half way. Keep the shape of the bunch a bit in the holes. The remaining grapes are better.

Nutritious and moist soil for the grape is most appropriate.
Topiary in December.
Summer pruning: cut away what is in your way.
Enough fresh grapes are delicious, suitable for juice and wine
KiwiThe shoots of kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa) winds around each support material in the area. By vertical or horizontal wires tensioned or trellis (trellis) to apply, they need mostly in the right direction to be guided.

Kiwi ripens in early autumn.
A fruit to harvest, a female plant ('Hayward') joined by a male ('Atlas'). The kiwi is in fact ambiguous and dioecious. Pollinating insects are mainly on the male flowers as they carry much pollen. That's food for them. The female pistil flowers are less attractive. Therefore, the insufficient pollination and fertilization is manual recommended. The fruit ripens late.
Tip!Nutritious, moist soil.Topiary in the winter, trim shoots in summer.Delicious ripe fruit, also suitable for jams and juices.

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