Monday, September 5, 2011

Red admiral or admiral

Red admiral or admiral as one of the most common butterflies in our country

Butterflies in the garden: Atalanta

Vanessa Atalanta: Atalanta, Admiral, song or shoemaker butterfly
Family: aurelia's - Nymphalidae
Occurrence: one of the most common butterflies in our country.

With a wingspan of 5 to 6 cm is a rather large and striking butterfly. In addition, the admiral easily identified. It is a black butterfly with two oblique red bands on its wings and some white spots on top and some blue dots on the wing edge ..

This beautiful butterfly is in Europe a real butterfly migration in the winter in the Mediterranean are and then to the northern parts of Europe flies. When the admiral in our region early May to June in flies are already well on the growth of nettles. The nettles (especially the stinging nettle, Urtica dioica) serve as host plants to make green eggs on the underside of the leaves off. To 4cm long will the caterpillars then feed on the nettle leaves to one month after a pupa. They remain for 15 to 20 days in the doll to make then as beautiful colored butterfly to crawl.
Especially in the high and late summer months many gardens, this butterfly in both rural and urban areas can be observed. You see them suck up nectar with their long roltong on real butterfly plants such as flowers of the Buddleia (butterfly bush), asters, Sedum spectabile (heaven key), royal herb ... You can also spot admiral in flowery meadows, on forest edges, woodland, fields, ...
It is a butterfly which is also very fond of overripe fruit. In the fruit orchard, you will also see them sitting enjoying the pears and apples rotting on the ground instances are. You can also provoke an admiral in the dish garden with some dropping ripe apple, pear, plum or banana.
From mid-October they migrate en masse back south. A single copy stays behind and tries here in cracks and crevices of gazebos, etc. to hibernate. Few of these stragglers survive our winters. When you're on a sunny day in March, a red admiral pointed out, you may suspect that some hibernating is that the heat behind the glass of the pavilion is awakened.

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